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About The Show

Geeks & God Is A Podcast

This whole thing started one spring day (a Good Friday, to be exact) as two friends sitting down to have a conversation. It all started out of a passion to talk about the intersection of church and technology. Of the virtual and the spiritual. Of the new tools that were evolving and becoming more and more necessary to 'do church'. The Founders started a conversation that's now been going on for years in the form of the audio podcast we know as Geeks & God, where each week we dig into ideas and issues surrounding the beautiful collision of ministry and tech. In 2010, a new generation of hosts took over and are moving forward this conversation about church and technology.

Geeks & God Is A Community

Who knew that people would listen? Who knew that people would care? Who knew that people would join the conversation? The community that sprung up around the podcast was a surprise to everyone. But no one was surprised more than the two guys producing the audio podcast. Over time, the online extension of the podcast grew and conversation and debate flourished. People created user accounts and became regulars. The site grew and a few guys started to take the reigns and keep things moving much to the delight of the podcast hosts. This has become more than a podcast...it's now a community.

Geeks & God Is A Resource

Over time, Google started to notice this community. People were searching for answers on how they could more effectively do technology in ministry. Heck, some were just interested in the technology part (which is just fine too!) and the site started to become a wealth of information. With the relaunch of the site in late 2008, the site took a more intentional direction, attempting to archive thoughts, opinions, techniques and answers in a way that could be sorted and found more easily. All of this turned Geeks & God into much more than a podcast...it was becoming an an instructional chapter in the "tech in ministry" evolution.

Geeks & God Is A Mission

This podcast community started as a mission. What's the mission exactly? We want to encourage Christians to embrace the amazing tools that have been developed over the years and put them to use in unique and innovative ways: All for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In this community we seek to inspire, question, wrestle with, and brainstorm about how we can use technology in the church. Hopefully you'll join us as this Mission moves forward.