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Mustardseed Media Inc

Mustardseed Media, Inc is developing media and web for tomorrow's Christian ministries. 100% of Mustardseed Media's web development projects are dynamic, interactive, community-driven church (or ministry) websites built on the Drupal CMS...very few companies can make such an exclusive claim. Developing solely for ministries means that they understand the mission inside and out, recognizing that churches are not businesses and don't have business sized budgets or personnel.

Mustardseed Media's owner, Bob Christenson, works tirelessly to encourage, inspire, and teach churches, and their leadership, about the web through this podcast and his weekly Drupal video podcast, as well as through nationwide seminars and conferences.

Visit them at: http://mustardseedmedia.com

Innovating Tomorrow

Innovating Tomorrow is a blog about technology in the church. We talk about the theory of use for technology, how to do something in a way that's church specific, introductions to technologies, methods, products, and services, reviews of products, and how to articles that explain how to do something with technical detail.

The IT blog is a response to a need and a challenge. Want to get involved in the response? Subscribe and learn how.

Consulting Services

Innovating Tomorrow provides a consulting service. Have questions about technology? Want to learn more? Looking for a specific implementation strategy for your church or ministry? Looking for a website for your church or ministry?

Visit them at: http://innovatingtomorrow.net