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Episode #1: Open Source


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Ahhh...today we are exposing ourselves to the world of podcasting! It's like being naked on the internet....well, ok, not quite....but it's scary! We live in a world where 2 geeks of no renown can lay their thoughts down in some bits, upload said bits, and broadcast worldwide. Yikes!

Well, thanks for checking us out.

This first episode of Geeks & God was never actually meant to go on the net. This was, actually, a soundcheck we were attempting...and it turned into a very extensive soundcheck. We decided we had to put #1 out sometime...so we just went for it. We talk about Good Friday (it originally was posted on GF) and talk a decent amount about Open Source and why it's your friend.

Show us some mercy...we're just geeks. Not professionals.

Good times

Hey Guys,

It's amazing to see how much things have changed since then. Interesting point about Good Friday, I have heard that suggested before that we don't need to make it gloomy.

Also an episode less than 12mins long ? That certainly changed.


Dudes, this show is absolutely fabulous.

Listening to this and then hearing your last "season" should give all budding podcasters hope. Thanks for putting #1 out there!

how to get all podcast episodes

Hi guys,

I am really loving your podcast and also your video-cast on mustardseeds.com
I would like to download ALL the podcast episodes (mp3 version) to burn them on a CD and listen to them while I am driving work.

Is there any chance to download them all without doing more than 100 right click and save link as/ ??

Guys, you are awsome... hope your new project goes live the soonest!

Thanks and ciao,

The last 50

iTunes->Subscribe->Get All will get the last 50.