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Predicting The Future


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We made it! Yes, we've finally arrived at the century mark here on Geeks & God: It's episode 100! On this week's episode, we celebrate this milestone by looking into the future of both Geeks & God and technology as a whole.

We start the episode with some more talk about free Dreamhost web hosting for non-profits then continue with some talk about the future of the podcast and this website! We're taking some time off until December 1, 2008 while we redesign the site.

Finally, we get to our main topic of "What will G&G be talking about in 10 years?". We make our predictions for the web, PCs and technology in ministry. All that this week on Geeks & God.

a long 6 weeks!!!

Gonna be a long 6 weeks until the next podcast in December! Looking forward to seeing the new site design.

Im really excited about the prospect of Matt writing a migration script/module to convert your existing audio nodes to a pure CCK model... I want to do the same thing with my existing D5 site - migrate it to D6, and importantly, repurpose all the existing audio nodes.

This would also be an excellent case study for a future G&G podcast, so please do take some notes along the way, and share the journey with us!

Thanks again for your 100th ep.



Congratulations on making the big 100th episode!
Im really excited about the site redesign and seeign this community grow and being a part of it!
Good luck getting it done on time! :)

Paul Vaartjes

Paul Vaartjes


Congratulations on 100 and integration of a new community in with gandg. That's great!

The new site rebuild would be a great opportunity for some video. :-) *hint*

Website feature request

What up Matt and Rob,
congratulation for the 100 episode. Thank you for making a differences for Christ.

I have a website feature request for you to put on the new website.It would be cool if, the geeks and god community can submit their very own short tips,ticks or tutorials or submit their very own audio/video comments on the new site. Matt,Rob and G&G community What do you guys think? Do you think this is a good idea or even possible?

once aging congratulation and

God's bless

Christopher Williams
"Remember to live your life with a purpose with God in Mind."

Christopher Williams
"Remember to live your life with a purpose with God in Mind."

Good request

That's a good request that can help people. We'll have something to satisfy you in this area.

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Co-Host

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Former Co-Host

MF is probably ahead of me

MF is probably ahead of me on this but I have seen other people do a wiki that is what your thinking about. www.hak5.org (might be .com) does it. They are a video podcast that has a lot of information in their forum so they started translating it to a wiki format from the forum

Jonathan Bowen

Time capsule

Great episode guys. Congrats on 100. This is a great ministry.

Are you going to time capsule these predictions so that in 10 years (your 600th episode) we can review them?

Keep fighting the good fight.