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The New Community


You are missing some Flash content that should appear here! Perhaps your browser cannot display it, or maybe it did not initialize correctly.

We're back with a whole new look! After weeks of neglecting our day-jobs, we've hammered the geeksandgod.com website into submission, moved it to Drupal 6, added a bunch of new features, and hopefully made it more useful for everyone. On this comeback episode of G&G, we talk about everything we changed and updated and exactly why we did it. Before we talk about the site, however, we have an exciting announcement! I'll give you some hints but you'll have to listen for the details. Just think about a community of geeks getting together in Florida this February to talk about tech and ministry...and you'll get the general idea. All that on this week's Geeks & God podcast!

Don't make me wait

Can you at least post a colophon for your forum modules? I can't stand waiting for next weeks podcast. I'm trying to work on a forum for my site and So far too many of the modules I've looked at (for D6) are still beta.

Truth is Still Truth Even if You Don't Believe it

Suspense over...

Ok, I'll end your suspense now: Our forums were simply redone by turning on the Advanced Forum Module with a couple custom CSS tweaks.

Darn, there goes my big surprise for next week :)

-Rob Feature
Geeks and God Co-Host

You Just Gave My RSS Reader a Good Dose of G&G

nice looking upgrade but be forewarned...rss readers will get bombarded with almost every episode of G&G. just when I thought you guys were closing shop (again) I get a huge dose of G&G. Not that I mind (okay, a little) but just wanted to pass on the info. I wonder if it's possible to set feedburner to read from a certain date instead of reading the entire xml and it's database of posts? Not sure you guys did this by design or you knew that I missed a few episodes. (twilight zone music here) Keep up the good work!

Stefan Holt

Missing Podcasts


Hi Geeks,

I recorgnised you just a few weeks ago when I started messing around with Drupal. Found the videocast on mustardseedmedia very inspiring. So I haven't seen G&G with the old layout but you have obviously done a very good job here.

But (yes there's always a but) while browsing the podcast episodes here on the site I missed the navigation though the sites on top of the page. It's just at the bottom an I would like to have one on the top either.

The other thing about the podcast is that I am missing some episodes in iTunes (therefore others double :-) ). I think it's between 04.10.2006 and 09.07.2007. I have nothing there. Last week I could see the missing episodes but got only an error (-503 i think but not 100% sure). Now they are gone.

A few of these episodes are mentioned in the mustardseed-videocast and I want to listen to them for ab deeper look into drupal. Are these episodes gone forever? Hopefully not.

In any case thanks for your work and your podcasts.


P.S.: Hope I didn't mess up your language beyond recognition :-)
P.P.S.: What do I rate with the rating button in the comments (the episode?, the new page?) ?

Lovin' It


As one of those friends you forced to listen in early on, I'm digging how far you guys have come. The site is awesome. Blessings, and keep on getting your geek on.

Glad your back


Glad to see you guys are back.
Love the new layout. Makes me want to keep a simplistic layout for my current project.
Thanks to Micah and Rob for the feed back last month on my podcasting issues.
I'll be putting a tutorial together for how I did a multimedia podcast site.
Love the Daytona plans. Could always use a little sunshine in February.
Can we get a little more info on the Ministry side of this soirée? I'd like to start pitching the idea soon as I am submitting my 2009 budget soon.


Peter Awad

1Peter 4:10 ~ Are you using your gifts?

Love the new site!


I was surprised this morning when I clicked on a link to a discussion in your forums that the site came up... not BLACK! I love the fresh new look. Keep up the fantastic work you guys are doing here. Maybe one day this will convince me to take a deeper look into Drupal. Til then, Wordpress continues to be the choice for me.

A little light on real

A little light on real information in this podcast. Looking forward to the next podcast for more technical info on the Drupal makeover.

Good to see you guys back

I kept seeing tweets pop up from you guys and checking my feed reader but no joy ... well until now of course. The site looks awesome and a user map would be awesome ! I've been looking at some modules to do this but haven't had much luck.

Cheers guys, Adam.

Flash text?

The new design looks great. I think the Reviews and Tutorials are going to be great features.

I am curious about why the block headers are using flash. Personally, I like to disable flash to get rid of the worst ads on the web. It seems strange to use flash to display static text.

Thank you for all the work on the podcast and the site. I am really looking forward to the next episode.

Its all about the fonts

Hi Kevin -

no doubt Rob/MF will answer this one in due course (maybe even in next week's podcast hehe??) but here's my guess:

These block headers are built using "sifr" which is a fantastic way of displaying specific fonts in the browser. By this I mean fonts that the website designer wants to have there for design reasons, and by using sifr you aren't restricted to the lowest common denominator of fonts supported by browsers... you can have any font...

It's all about design, and especially typography.

Sure, when flash is disabled, the site should gracefully degrade, and you'll see something like Arial or some such font. But why settle for boring old arial when you can have [insert your super-sweet-awesome-font here] instead?


You're exactly right, Pete. I wanted all of our header fonts to reflect the same font as our logo, so we used sifr to replace them. If anyone wants to turn flash off, they'll degrade to Arial just fine...but for those running flash (about 98% of people) they'll see the prettier version.

Another 'tiered' approach we took for design comes in the rounded corners on the site. If you're in Firefox, Safari or anything that supports CSS3 (is there anything yet?) you'll see lots of nice rounded corners on boxes and borders. If you're in IE...you're outta luck.

We decided to not let any browsers hold back the design possibilities, while still making sure everything gracefully degrades to a point that it goes unnoticed by those not seeing the enhancements. That was a big philosophy we carried forward on the redesign.

-Rob Feature
Geeks and God Co-Host

Any chance of adding the Comment Subscribe module?

RSS has the disadvantage of not knowing which thread a reply belongs with. Any chance of using the "Comment Subscribe" module to get notification of replies to questions?

Subscriptions Coming

I'm not sure it will be the comment subscribe module but something is coming.

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Former Co-Host

activity plus!!!

Welcome back guys!

I can't believe the increase in traffic on the comment stream - it's gonna be hard to keep up. The site looks great, and it's easy to navigate.

You think you will be able to explain the under-the-hood stuff in just one ep? Please don't rush it - there's so much happening here that it might make sense to run the geekfest description over several eps.

Great work!

Guys--great job on the new site design! The lighter, brighter look is very cool, and I enjoyed hearing your discussion of how you made the design/feature decisions for the update.

Well done!

Doug Heacock
Worship Leader/Webmaster, Lawrence (KS) Free Methodist Church

Love the site!

I just discovered you guys a couple weeks ago, so haven't seen the old site, and can't compare the new one to it. But, I really love the look and feel of the new site. Nice clean styling, great organization. Well done!

Colleen Robledo

"I will sing to the Lord, because He has dealt bountifully with me." - Psalm 13:5

Welcome Colleen. Great to

Welcome Colleen. Great to have you here!

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