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Tech We Can't Live Without


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Have you ever wondered what pieces of technology you can't live without? We were recently asked this question and decided to dive into the topic. In this episode we talk about the tech we can't live without, what tech we wish we could live without but can't, and more.

We want to know what technology you can't live without and what technology you wish you could live without. We shared ours and now we would love to know what you think. Please let us know in the comments to this episode.

Michael Arrington can't live without....

This episode had better timing that I would have thought... Micheal Arrington from TechCrunch just posted a list of products he can't live without at http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/01/04/2009-products...

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Former Co-Host

Tech that *I* cannot live without...

The thing that I cannot live without is the memory dongle (or thumb drive, usb drive or whatever you care to call it.) I'm second-level tech support at the office, as well as one of those people with every friend and family member asking for tech assistance and I used to carry a portable hard drive everywhere I went loaded with diagnostic programs. Now I have a pocket full of these things with all of my "essential" data. I also carry around three or four different spins of Fedora Live (yes, I CAN get by with only one bootable Linux dongle but that's the geeky type of guy I am.)

One thing I absolutely would love to live without is any product produced by Microsoft Corporation. [I just deleted a whole paragraph about the superiority of comparable operating systems and applications.] Its products are not the only nor necessarily the best on the market and I am tired of that common misconception (let the flame war begin...)

Gotta Disagree

What about the xbox? That's not such a bad product from Microsoft. Or, their keyboards, mice, and other such devices. They can be pretty solid. I use a MS unergonomic keyboard every day and it serves me well.

Plus, MS Office is a pretty solid application. I don't think the competition is quite there yet.

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Former Co-Host

Agree to disagree

We will have to agree to disagree.

My game platform of choice is the venerable PlayStation 2. Logitech makes comparable or superior hardware items that in many situations differ only in the Microsoft logo on the device (which makes me a hypocrite as I am typing on a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard at this time, lol) and, as I have said before, there are many comparable/better software applications than MS-Whatever. The software you so cavalierly dismiss (called, OpenOffice, by the way) is all that I use, both with Fedora Linux, my personal favorite, and with WinXP, which I am forced to use by threat of dismissal. I use Firefox as a web-browser and Thunderbird for my e-mail and podcast client.

Actually, I'm not that much of an OS bigot either. I just simply do not like Microsoft applications very much (and I prefer operating systems that do not blue-screen every two seconds.) WinXP works acceptably for the average user. For servers and power-users there are better and more stable operating systems. As an example, *NIX is superior for servers, generally has better and more educated support and does not require the processor to waste cycles maintaining a GUI when the CPU is stuck in a closet or computer room with no monitor attached. It does not require a weekly reboot. It also is far less vulnerable to security attacks. On a user standpoint, it is my understanding that the Mac platform is better suited for multimedia applications, though I do not know this first-hand. Before I left Windows for Linux I preferred WordPerfect to Word (and had used both since before either went to a GUI environment as my experience predates Windows 3.0.)

The only advantage MS-Whatever has is popularity with the business culture that embraced it. I have never been a crowd-follower.

Flame on. I've got my asbestos undies on. 8^D

ADDENDUM -- Love the podcast, no matter what your os/application/device preference.

As I have stated before, we will have to agree to disagree. I'm experienced enough to realize that my views, while valid, are hardly popular.

I Could Do Without U-Scan


I totally get the love-hate relationship with certain devices, mobile phones being the leader of that pack. I like mine as a texting device, but I seriously dislike talking on the phone. I also love to hate computers, but that's just part of working in IT.

Speaking of computers, I don't think I could live without VMware. Server virtualization is the greatest thing since, like, networks or something.

When it comes to the sound ministry, we love compression better than chocolate. That may seem debatable, but try living without that compressor for a week.

Some people may not agree on this one, but I like the proliferation of plastic money. Not necessarily the credit debacle that goes along with it, but just not carrying cash any more. Not to mention that we've racked up several Home Depot gift cards from the Visa rewards points on our debit cards.

But I don't think we can sink any lower into the realm of customer disservice than U-Scan checkouts. They're the ultimate reminder to customers that we're a mere inconvenience, and that if businesses could separate us from our money without our involvement, they'd be much happier for it. I, on the other hand, would have no problem living without that technological gem.



Don't know if you guys realized it or not, but the MP3 link contains a file that is only about 4 minutes long. The MP4 link is good, with the entire podcast. Those of us who subscribe to the non-iTunes podcast did not get the entire episode.

Happy New Year!



Confirming this issue. And since I'm using that wonderful piece of technology known as Firefox 3, I get a browser crash when I try to start the podcast over. Of course, that part's on Mozilla, not G&G.

Episode 106 MP3 File Fixed

Hey Guys...
Thanks for pointing out this issue. It should be fixed now, it was a corrupted file. Please post if anyone has problems with the AAC/MP4 file. Thanks!

-Rob Feature
Geeks and God Co-Host

Tech Items

The tech item that I could not live without is my iPod. I don't have a touch, just the 80GB classic. I have practically all my music in Apple lossless and a plethora of podcasts. I love music and I get a lot of knowledge from the podcasts.

Not sure on the tech item that I would want to live without. Probably cable TV. I've only got 1 absolute must watch program and that's on network TV (Lost).

Also, we are one of those churches that do not have open wireless available. We are actually not tech luddites, but have good, legitimate reasons. E-mail me if you want to discuss.

Tech We Can't Live Without

Great topic and show Guy's
I have a lot to think about now. I too work with technology all day. I would say my first one is Black Berry as it is email and phone/internet all in one.

How Awesome!

Hey Guys,

I cannot get over how funny this is about the technology we cannot live without.. I just wrote a post similar to this called Media what is right for Christan's at http://geeks4god.web44.net/journal/media-whats-right/ and In it I wrote that I cannot live without my PVR and another thing I cannot do without is my Itunes.. with over 10,000 MP3 files from sermons to music to audio books to various things I would be lost without my music in the morning to get me going.

thanks for sharing this podcast and this topic this is one I think was time for us to think about.

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I'm realizing more and more that the TIVO is one of the most used Tech items at my house. I was a time shifter from way back. This lets me control what I watch and when. I don't even know when shows are on anymore.


I hear some people say (e.g. CrankyGeeks), "Tivo lets you watch TV during your free time. People realize how much of the TV programing is garbage so you eventually watch a lot less TV."

On the other hand:
I hope there aren’t computers in heaven. They give me such a headache.

As a single guy, I want to find a girlfriend that doesn’t have a cell phone. She wouldn’t ever have the urge to reply to that “one quick” text message on a special occasion. I just gets annoying after awhile.

Siffer [sic]

In the podcast there is mentioned something called "siffer". I'm wondering where I can find more info on it.

Info about sIFR


You can start by searching this site for sIFR. Matt and Rob talked about it in an early minicast, and it's also been discussed in the forums a few times.


Thanks Micah! Knowing how to

Thanks Micah! Knowing how to actually spell sIFR helped tremendously. I kept googling various spellings until I found something.

Missionary: Can't Live Without...

For all it's horrible-ness. Skype is tech that most missionaries couldn't live without. The face-to-face aspect of it is an incredible feature to most missionaries. Having a conversations visually seems to be critical to many. I wish I had a better tool to hand them than Skype, but I can't.

Bible Study Software

Hey guys,

Heard your comment about inviting Logos SW to come on the show to talk about their Bible Study Software. I'd like to suggest you also try to find someone from the Sword Project to talk about what is available for FREE. The Sword project is a backend Bible engine that is used in a cross-platform assortment of free Bible Study applications. There are Sword-based applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux (as well as PDAs!) -- included one that is Java-based and runs on all of the three major platforms.

Logos is all well and good, but for some of us even their low-end product is a lot of money -- or we run Linux. You might be surprised how many of the same features are shared by free alternatives. And how cool is it to be able to make the Word of God and good quality study tools for it available for free!

Let me know if you want help locating someone to come on, or if you want a user's perspective.


Scott Purcell
scott @t texastwister d0t info

Paper Bible

With all of my computing I still prefer to read the bible as a book.

Though, I do use a lot of free products when I study the bible. In an upcoming episode I'm going to review Logos. I've use sword and other products so we'll see how they compare.

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Former Co-Host

I do my studies online...

I do my studies online, and my "Read Through the Bible in a Year" plan online as well. I do still use my paper bible, but I find that I'm doing that less and less, outside of church, since my laptop and WiFi is always with me. I keep a "hold out" bible (lol, love that term!) in my laptop case, in case there's no wifi.

I just find the value of being able to quickly check 7 translations effortlessly to outweigh my preference for holding a book (I still have never read a fiction e-book, because the textile sensation of physically turning pages is very pleasing to me.)


WiFi in church

Talk about hypocritical, especially Rob.

1) you want to reduce the amount of image and video in church because it might feed some addiction we have as a society.

2) Rob thinks we shouldn't have computers at all because they are too distracting.


3) you both think that churches need more open WiFi, feeding yet another social addiction.

I'm not necessarily against WiFi in church buildings, but I don't see how you can be in favor of it. Won't it distract from relationships, etc?

Matt, if you don't want to answer the phone in the restraunt or during family times, turn it off. My wife knows that if I'm in a meeting at work, I will not answer the phone. That is what voice mail is for.

Rob, if you would like a life without TV, computers and cell phones, then rid yourself of them.

I don't have to imagine what I would do w/o technology in my life, because God created me to live right now, in this time, with this techonology.

Rob, I'm thinking you need to reevaluate your career choice, if you are such a hater and miss people that much.

I don't get it.

love hate thing

Some misunderstanding on this. First, I think a lot of churches need to reduce the amount image and video in their services but that doesn't mean I'm not for technology use. It's a matter of using technology appropriately in a context. Many churches that use technology for high production services have a lot of member who attend the services for the wrong reasons. They are caught up on the hype and not the message. This needs to be addressed.

Yet, having wifi at the church is useful for many things and in making communicating easier. Yet, this easy also opens up an opportunity for distraction so measures need to be taken to counter that as well.

With good things come an opportunity for abuse. When food is in larger supply there is a risk of gluttony that needs to be addressed. When people serve each other well there is risk of the people they serve taking it for granted and abusing it. This needs to be addressed. We are fantastic at abusing blessings. We need to learn how to handle things in moderation and address the ways we abuse them.

When it comes to imagining like without technology I think that's a good thing. I'm not suggesting we actually attempt to do it. Imagining life without technology causes us to see what other priorities come to the surface. It serves as an excellent reminder of all the other blessings we have. Tech savvy people can often overlook these.

I would expect we should imagine how technology can help to serve the message. Some of those things are outlandish but that's where brilliant ideas come from. Imaginations are important because they stretch us to focus on things other than what we see. It's a place where God can work a lot of genius.

Also, Rob is an artist. The way he loves and hates things is different from most people. So, this is a place to be careful. They think emotionally. They often say things that are tough to understand for the non-artsy. It's part of what makes them good at their art. So, take how he talks about things from that perspective.

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Former Co-Host

Great topic! I hope I can

Great topic! I hope I can still hop in even though I came in late. ;D

I would love to live without my gaming consoles BUT I SIMPLY CAN'T! God knows how I'm so addicted to my RPGs. Gaming is something I think I wouldn't outgrow. The kid in me just keeps on struggling to break free.

Now, the gadget that I can never live without is my laptop simply because everything's here. My virtual life is already here. There's so much to give up if I were to lose this. Work, communication, studies, everything!



Can't Live Without - Spell Checkeer*


Great topic. First technology that came to mind... SPELL CHECKER. I would be digging ditches for a living without it. Not only using it in the word processor, but also using Google search for spell check.


Internet cafe at church

My church (King's Church, Portsmouth), received some funding from the city council a few years ago for a suite of computers, and so now we have a UK Online centre in the building. This was especially useful for me recently when I returned to Portsmouth and started looking for a job, as I could pop in to church to print CVs and reply to job related emails without having to walk back to my house (which wouldn't have worked anyway as I don't have a printer set up yet!)

Also, we have an open Wifi connection, which is quite useful. We've just started meeting on Sunday mornings in a larger venue, so we can't use it then. However, the building is used a lot during the week, so it can be useful then.

Not sure on the tech item


Not sure on the tech item that I would want to live without. Probably cable TV. I've only got 1 absolute must watch program and that's on network TV (Lost).

Also, we are one of those churches that do not have open wireless available. We are actually not tech luddites, but have good, legitimate reasons. E-mail me if you want to discuss.