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Communication is a cornerstone to a successful ministry. No where is this more apparent than in tech related ministry where geeks and leadership staff have to communicate well to be successful. In this weeks episode we look at communication between tech teams and leadership staff, talk about some of the pitfalls, and dive into how we can do it well.

Great podcast. Very helpful,


Great podcast. Very helpful, relevant, and insightful!

Paul Vaartjes

Knitting a quilt?


Dude, did you really say "knit" a quilt? You need more Baptist friends. Knitting is for scarves and sweaters and hats. Sheesh, you call yourselves subject matter experts?

Just kidding... Great episode. I love that fact that you step outside of the technology itself to talk about the barriers to successful project implementation. Thanks for the podcast.

I almost fell out of my seat


It was not so much what was said, but the delivery from MF was great... "Knitting a quilt". The guys at the pub will laugh.

On a serious note, I think that the communication discussion can be opened up to more then just your church pastor. I started thinking about how I communicated with the Women's ministry leader or maybe a leader who does not check their email. Church offices' are filled with a diverse amount of people, age wise and with technological understanding. They treat us and communicate with us differently.

My Favorite Episode


This is the best, most useful episode of this podcast that I have listened to.

I wish everyone on our staff and council would listen to it, because many of the ideas are equally relevant to office support communicating with council, ministry staff communicating with volunteers etc.

Bonus, when I got to the end I learned that I am a translator and some things make some more sense.