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Geek World Tour


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For the past few weeks we have been on the Geeks World Tour. Well, it didn't really cover the world but, we did rack up thousands of airline miles. In this tour we covered 2 conferences that each had a unique vibe and atmosphere. The first was the Interactive Church Conference where we focused on talking to church leaders about technology. The second was drupalcon dc which is the drupal developer conference. This week we talked about what we learned, the importance of Christians being at secular conferences, and where we are taking the Geeks and God Conferences from here.

One thing...


One thing to consider on your new idea for G&G conferences...

Maybe I didn't fully understand, but it seemed to me that by using the Chip-In module, you'd be asking people to pay for a conference without knowing the date ahead of time. What if people have a conflict, and can't attend the weekend you do it? I think people would be fine with donating to a conference so it could be "free" for others, but I think they'd still want to be able to benefit from said conference.

Perhaps to mitigate this factor, you could offer the conference online as well (not necessarily live, just a decently produced video of the conference posted at some point)

Just a thought.


Great Point

Hey Anthony, great point here about the conference. The problem is, we can't set the date before we know if the money will be there for travel, etc. So it's a catch 22. I'd say that we'd be asking people to chipin for a conference in a specific location and a general timeframe, as well as particular days of the week. That would be about as much detail as we could have. What I wouldn't want to happen is for us to pick a date, have a bunch of people chip in, buy airfare, book hotels, then we don't get enough to cover costs and have to cancel.

I guess I'd rather take the risk of not promising anything rather than risking people booking their trip and then it not happening. Good point to think thru, though, for sure.

-Rob Feature
Geeks and God Co-Host

Alternative payment model

I have been out of the loop for a while and was glad that this was the episode that I dropped back in on. It help fire me back up.

It got me think that I wish I could buy a week of your guys talent, and maybe one of these days that will happen, but as I was thinking about it I thought maybe the model works the other way. Most of these costs are somewhat fixed and someone in a host city does the coordination and lines out the general costs (a location, your fees, snacks, etc) and then post their estimate.

Set a date based on availability and have folks pay that estimate divided by some head count. If you have the minimum number a 4 weeks out (since most of the airlines have better deals at 3 weeks or more) then you lock and load. If you don't go home and pour a root beer put on your favorite G&G episode and sulk.

So far not much of a departure from the norm, but here is where that comes in. If you set your minimum number at say 10 and 12 people show up, then you take the profit. divide it between the people and give refunds for the portion that is excess. Additionally if someone finds out that MF and Rob are coming to town and says "I want everyone to have the chance to hear THOSE guys" and covers it you cut checks back to everyone. I guess my thinking is then you can take some of the variables out of the equation but most importantly you are at least setting some milestones and requiring some commitment for the project to take off.

It seems to me then you have the base covered and if you get any extra you can kick it back out to the participants.

Sorry as I am typing this the message seems a bit scattered, but I think you get the crux of the idea.

Gotta run.

Thanks and Love the information.


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Drupalcon Vids

Links to all of the Drupalcon '09 sessions, including Bob & Matt's, can be found here.

Yes, Equip Geeks to be a part of the Body! :-)


Awesome idea that the conference would include equipping geeks to speak with pastors and become a part of their local church body. That is such a great need. It was exciting to hear when you first started talking about it and it is even better to hear it getting a stronger focus.

I really appreciated the thoughts on the Christian world getting together to be a part of a larger conference. The #gandg attitude, atmosphere and spirit were really great to see in action at DrupalCon. I was totally pumped and encouraged to see that we Christians can be like that as a community. I look forward to seeing more of it in the future.

Thanks for serving as the leadership of the Christian community that helped us stand out. I think having a session dedicated to churches provided a certain amount of confidence that allowed Christians to lead more openly. DrupalCon accepted us and I know I was even more excited than before to give back. I had a blast at the Documentation Sprint rolling comments into the main body and finding out how really bad Drupal documentation really is. (Just for laughs, I found a handbook for beginners in which the third page was instructions for setting up a Drupal multi-site install locally.) If anyone else is interested in pitching in on documentation but doesn't know where to start, just let me know. I'll pass on what I learned.

Downloading mp3

Hey guys, great episode. Is it just me, or is the "download mp3" link acting up? I can download the mp4 file without a problem. But the mp3 file download only gets to 4.0 MB and stops until it times out.

Just a thought

Just listened to the podcast and I'm so excited about all this stuff. It's kind of cool to hear in more detail stuff that I was only able to read about through twitter. And I just wanted to raise one question. If you don't do registrations, how can you control the number of people you attend? Usually registration is used to collect money and to get an idea of the number of attendees. Just a thought. Excited about the things to come.

Good to meet you guys

Hey Matt and Bob,

It was good to meet you guys and hang with you at the Interactive Church Conference. Personally, I would have liked to have seen a few more people and a little more structure to the unconference, but I still got some good stuff out of it.

FYI, when you do your episode on Facebook this week, a lot has changed since we discussed it a few weeks ago. Most people will notice the change in the news feed (which sucks, IMO), but the more important changes for churches have been made to Facebook Pages.

Looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say about it now.

Keep up the good work!

Paul Steinbrueck

Social Media


How cool is this? You're talking about Facebook for churches next week and I discussed it (probably not in as much detail) last week on my podcast. God is moving...

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Great Idea

I love this idea and I am committing to a virtual conference from 6-7 PM (EST) Sundays. Any suggestions on the best software to use? Anyone using skype conference? Here is the Facebook Group address. http://www.facebook.com/groups/edit.php?gid=739920...

Birds of a Feather

Another excellent Geeks and God podcast!

We do a weekly Geek Brown Bag at our church and each week we take turns sharing some software app, web app, other type of technology or something geeky with the other geeks.

Our first goal is UPREACH - we start each brown bag with a short devotional.

Our second goal is INREACH - to provide a place for "birds of a feather" to flock together, or for us Geeks to have a place to fellowship with other geeks. A place where we can be our geeky self and laugh at binary jokes, that non-geeks would just think are weird.

Our third goal is OUTREACH - to equip geeks with information about existing technologies that they can use in their ministry or church to serve the LORD with.

After listening to this episode and having been to the first Geeks and God conference in Detroit, I was thinking to myself, "man I wish I could have been there."

Well... through technology I can be.

Perhaps we (the Geeks and God community) can have monthly Birds of a Feather online meetings using GoTo Meeting, or DIMDIM (free).

Another podcast I listen to, Geek News Central, hosts a monthly "Tech Podcast Roundtable," using GoTo Meeting. I usually attend each month. They are very nice, GTM is a very nice tool.

But it would be SO nice to have unconferences, or "birds of a feather" session online with our fellow Geeks.

It wouldn't cost us money to travel or for hotels, very little arrangements would need to be made, we could have different speakers and topics each month, etc...

Maybe, just maybe, you could reserve GeeksandGod.TV (it's available) and we could post the recorded monthly session videos there. We could HOST the video on Blip.TV for free.

I'm willing to help. It's almost the same thing that we're doing with our Geek Brown Bag, except we host our videos on Mogulus.com - http://www.mogulus.com/gbb

Sam Garcia
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Donations in Drupal (Registrations Next!)

As Bob mentioned in this podcast, we are moving forward with adding the ability to take donations in Drupal using Ubercart. The show notes have a link to the discussion. There is also a wiki that lists the specifications and has a spot to add your name if you are willing to support the effort.

The Donations in Drupal with Ubercart specifications wiki is here:


Be sure to add your name to the bottom of the wiki, stating that you are willing to help fund the development. I'm sure there will be a ChipIn created soon.

I'm excited about this. Now the next issue to tackle is getting event registrations working well in Drupal.

-Brad Wade
Project47 - Drupal Website Development

Worship Director and Elder

Chip In

Hey guys, I haven't really posted on here much, I'm one of those terrible listeners who doesn't miss an episode but rarely gets involved! So first off let me say, I LOVE YOU GUYS AND THANK YOU SO MUCH. You have been a great help with ideas for the church website I am beginning to build and I can't think you enough. Now on to the main reason I wanted to post!

I think the Chip-In idea is GREAT. If you put it up now, I'll go ahead and start dumping! I have heard the ideas of having a conference in NJ and I've convinced the geeks and geeklings at our church to go ahead and attend if it happens and I would love to get the ball rolling! One thing to point out however, after you have set a date for it, I recommend that you leave the chip in module up oe immediately throw up another one for the next conference. Personally, I'll go ahead and pay if you all never show up in Jersey then it's money well donated, however the people that may be attending that aren't sure about the idea would definitely pay when they know that you will definitely be coming on a certain date or even during/after the conference. I guess this way you're essentially using the G&G community to fund the first and then from there on out, you're paying for a conference in advance if that makes sense. Anyways, once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!