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Joomla! with Amy Stephen


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Joomla! is powerful and popular Content Management System. In the world of Content Management Systems, Joomla! is the primary competition to drupal. This week we sit down with Amy Stephen of the Joomla! community to talk about Joomla!, where it's going, where you can learn about it, and how you can get involved with Joomla! development.

Before we dive into Joomla! we have an interview about the American Bible Society. Come join us on another Geeks and God podcast.

IHOP (re: Joomla! with Amy Stephen)

It was funny when IHOP was mentioned on the show. On the YWAM DTS course I was on recently, there was a couple who met in an IHOP. They were talking about this and a Canadian said something like "eating pancakes?!", but actually, they met in the International House of Prayer IHOP, not the pancake place. Both sound interesting to me, but I've not had a chance to sample either yet.

American Bible Society

In the midst of all the Joomla links, I don't think I see the four links that were mentioned for the American Bible Society. Love the show! Keep up the awesome work.

American Bible Society Links

These are the four websites that were mentioned for the American Bible Society.

Thanks for the links

Thanks for the links. I updated the link list on the post.

Though, this means we have a drupal link. http://scripturesfromtheheart.org/ is good looking drupal site.

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Former Co-Host

Bible Reading Community

I'm not sure if I heard it on one of the gandg podcasts or somewhere else - or nowhere at all - but has a site been mentioned which is an online community all reading the same passage of the bible each day and discussing it? If anyone knows what I may be talking about - could you send me a link? I think it'd be a very useful resource - and if it doesn't exist, i'd be interested in making it happen! :)

Paul Vaartjes

So would I

I would participate in the development and community of that site, as well. The accountability would be great.

Anthony Pero

Global Bible Reader

I think you're referring to Logos Bible Software's "Global Bible Reader" - http://www.logos.com/beta/gbr

I don't think there's an online community behind it, but it has the idea of reading the Bible together with people from all around the world. It would be nice, though, to see an online community website build around something like that for people to discuss what they're reading.


Ok, I gave it a listen

I Tweeted previously to @AmyStephne and @shrop how I was a little hesitant to listen because of fear I would like it and want to learn more about it. My plate is overflowing as it is :)
I finally did it and listened. It was an excellent podcast. Amy had a ton of information to share and I think GandG did a good job asking questions that us who aren't familiar with it want to know.
I didn't give in to the pull of wanting to give it a go at joomla just yet. But I have added it to my to do list for the future. It sounds like is fantastic CMS. I think Matt was the one during the episode that said Joomla is weak where Drupal is strong and vice versa. I think both communities will learn and grow from one another.
Hope to hear more like this in the future

The trouble you can get in...

Drupal and Joomla are slowly becoming more alike in feature sets. Part of this is done from learning from each other. It's good to see. The only sad part is that so much well written competition isn't making it to the level of these two.

I'll admit... I bit the bug to try something new but it's not joomla. I've been writing python scripts. Needed a language where I didn't make sense to use PHP. It's fun to play with other kids toys. :)

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Former Co-Host


It's funny how you've mentioned Denmark a couple of times :) Again in this great episode. My older brother happens to attend Åbenkirke (which btw. means Open Church), so I've heard about it before. They have a nice website - go see it: http://www.aabenkirke.dk/ The Å (or å) is pronounced more like the "o" in "oh" :)

I've built a Joomla website in early 2006, and liked the easy of use. I'm not an developer and not a graphics guy, but a bit of both worlds. Back then it was good, but it seemed really heavy, and I wasn't able to find well-written extensions for my needs, so I haven't used it since. It sounds like the situation has changed alot since then - maybe I should check it out :)