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The Church-School Dilemma


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On this week's podcast we deal with a topic that's much more difficult than it sounds: What to do when you have a combined church and school ministry organization and you need to build a website? We lay out all the decisions, issues, and dilemmas that occur when you try and reconcile these and actually code your website. But, before all that, we tackle a listener's heavy theological question with a very non-theological answer.

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for this week's episode! Listening to it now!

Church School site


Great discussion! Thanks for helping us think about how we are going to structure this. We are a new church plant that started a private school 2 years into the plant. In fact, for our new location we are building a school building that will be used by the church.

What do you think of our site?


Luther on the Jews

Couple of things:

1. Don't sell yourself short on being theologians. You are baptized Christians and have been made one with Christ. Therefore you are persons who study the word of God and that is the definition of a theologian.

2. Read Luther... not books on Luther or books about Luther....Read Luther. Read his sermons, his pastoral and exegetical writings, and his letters. Yes he was boisterous and yes he was grumpy. However, he was grumpy for one reason, because the church was under attack by those that had held the church captive by denying people the Word of God and because the sacraments were being greatly abused. This does not of course justify his anti-Semitic writings, but it does shed light on the man and what he was trying to do.

3. Much of what is said about Luther (on the internet especially) is completely false. Many people claim that Hitler used him to justify much of what was done during the Holocaust. Check out these two books to get some great information on the subject of Luther and the Jews:

The Fabricated Luther:

Lutherans Against Hitler: The Untold Story

Same Conclusions

If you do superficial research you'll find exactly what you described in #3. Deeper research reveals exactly what you described in #2. Thanks for the comment.