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Nathan Smith, 960gs, & Fellowship Tech


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While we were attending the Design 4 Drupal Boston Drupalcamp we had a chance to sit down with Nathan Smith the creator of the 960 grid system and a developer for Fellowship Tech the company behind the popular church management system Fellowship One. In the interview Nathan talks about grids, learning drupal, and some of the new developer stuff going on with Fellowship One and their new REST API.

Addendum -- TYPO3 = Strong Community


I failed to mention in the interview that TYPO3 also has a very strong community, though more-so in Europe. I was able to attend the TYPO3 conference in Dallas not too long ago, and was impressed by how passionate the users / developers of that system are. Anyway, just wanted to add that, to give due recognition to their community as well. :)

Kem Meyer is a church Communication Guru

Check out her blog

they have a church conference called innovate,
also Kem has written a book, well worth a read (its called less clutter, less noise)

Also she has spoken at the fellowship one dynamic church conference

Nathan Smith

The interview with Nathan Smith was great. Would be good to have him on again talking about other subjects too.

Enjoyed it all. Would this be


Enjoyed it all. Would this be a good theme to play with 960gs in Drupal? I realize you can start from scratch, but wonder if this one wil be a jump start. I may try on my own too.


Mark Shropshire "shrop"
Geeks & God Forums Moderator


I also enjoyed the episode and wouldn't mind hearing from Nathan again either but I know he's a very busy man. Thanks for bringing many great topics to each podcast episode.