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The End


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In this final Geeks & God podcast, Rob and Matt say their farewells. We talk about what we've learned, what we've loved, and how far this podcast has come since it's first episode over 3 1/2 years ago. We also tease what's coming next for The Geeks and talk about some new life directions.

Thank you all for the awesome years in this podcast community. God bless you and your ministries!

It's been an amazing 3.5 years. What a ride

It's been an amazing 3.5 years. Ones I will never forget. Will deeply miss hearing you guys. You had a tremendous impact on my life and the direction in which I want to use what skills I have in tech. Some great relationships have flourished from this site. Very thankful for that. I pray the best for you as you take on life's new challenges.
God Bless both of you!

Really Cool Project

You guys are starting a Drupal fork specifically for churches, aren't you?

Re: Really Cool Project

They could call it Mampal. ;-)


Rob McBryde
Web Developer

Thank you *so* much

Guys, in the last 3.5 yrs, you've done an incredible service not only to the Church tech community, but to the tech/web community at large. Thank you for all you've done. I respect both of you greatly for hearing God's call on your life and responding to it with great vigor and enthusiasm.

I'm excited to see (and possibly be involved) with your next project! As an aside, I'll throw my guess into the ring - a church-specific Drupal distribution that integrates tightly with F1 (or a few other ChMSs).

Christ's blessings on you and your families.


I can't even begin to tell you guys how influential G&G has been to me the last several years. The episodes were awesome and inspiring. I haven't listened to this last episode yet but I'm assuming you guys will continue to impact the Drupal/Church/Web world in many new ways. Looking forward to that. Good luck guys... thanks for the memories.

OK, Rob, I know I gave you

OK, Rob, I know I gave you grief for how big the podcasts were getting. But I didn't mean you should make them *that* short!

But seriously, guys. Thanks for the fun times, the food (may I even say banquet) for thought. You never managed to hook me into Drupal through it all, but that never mattered. I came to the party late, and still haven't caught up with the old ones (I've only managed to work my way back to early 2008 so far) but I've learned a lot from you guys (sometimes directly, as in what you were actually setting out to say, and sometimes indirectly, as when what you said triggered other thoughts and developments in a related direction).

I completely understand the talk/do struggle you mention. But always remember this: No one can do without first learning, and when you teach, you in effect multiply your doing. And also when you teach, you improve your own knowledge of the subject, and by extension your doing. So all your talk has both expanded and empowered your doing.

And as for myself, you've had an effect. I'll carry the lessons I've learned forward into every project I work from here out, and you've earned the right to point to any of my future projects and say "I had a part in that."

Enjoy, and if there's anything I can do for you (or with you) to help, you have only to ask. I wish you nothing but good luck and God's favor. Let me know where you next land, I want to see it.

The end?! What?! Did I miss

The end?! What?! Did I miss something? I know I missed a few episodes, but wow what a shock!

David Needham

Thanks for the service!

Thank Matt and Rob! You guys have true servant's hearts. I think everyone that has been part of the community here has grown, not just you guys. I can see it in the people have interacted with over the years. Not just in a techie way, but spiritually also. I always thought it has been cool how we can talk tech and then talk about spirituality in the same podcasts and forums.

You guys will be missed here, but I am super excited for whatever God had next for you both! Thanks for keeping the site up as long as you can. It will continue to benefit many.

I am betting on some sort of church distribution of Drupal for your next project, but I am usually wrong at rumor predicitions. If you do head that way, keep your eyes on Open Atrium. Those guys have really laid down some good directions for how to do Drupal distros the right way.

Thanks guys!

Mark Shropshire "shrop"
Geeks & God Forums Moderator


Although not surprised, I am disappointed to hear the news. However, I can't express how much these 126 episodes have helped me, and so many other folks, get geeky for God. I truly believe there will be an extra "G&G Jewel" in each of your crowns someday. Thanks a million! Blessings! -NP

It was great while it lasted!

I was a latecomer to the G&G party just getting hooked early this year right before the summer break, but I've listened to most of the podcasts. You two have been so helpful to me not only for my web design business, but also in thinking about tech in ministry.

So here's a hearty THANKS from me to you.

Blessings to you in your future endeavors. Can't wait to see what's next!



Rob McBryde
Web Developer



You guys have provided a great service and part of that is knowing when to be done one thing and move on to another. May God continue to bless what you put your hands into and may you continue to seek God in the opportunities to come. Looking forward to what's next!

Sad to hear the podcast is

Sad to hear the podcast is over...really inspirational and I enjoyed learning from it - a lot - especially a new drupal user developing for ministry.

Good luck in the new adventures. You have been a blessing in your work.

Your impact has been immense!


There is no way that you will ever know how much you have helped so many people through this website and your podcast.

I must admit that I am greatly saddened to hear that the podcast series is over. Although I'm a relative newcomer, just over a year, I've found myself looking forward to the next podcast, whatever the topic, because I knew that it would be informative and interesting and I knew that I'd learn something technical or be blessed, maybe even challenged, spiritually.

This website is more than just a repository of podcasts, questions and answers. In many respects it's become a community of believers seeking to serve God through technology. I'll ask that you reconsider your intents about contributing (posting) to these forums. Yes, your activity level may diminish, which is understandable, and we have no right to demand anything more, but please consider this thought: This community is too good to abandon!

May our Lord continue to bless you, your families, and even this website,

Thanks for sharing your lives with us!!!!!

Sorry to hear that the end is now!!!!!!!

May God bless you as you follow his leading!!!!!


So long, and thanks for all the fish...

I've learned a lot about Drupal thanks to this website. I hope it stays around for a long time - it's better organised than the Drupal site, and questions posted actually get answers!

Good luck on whatever you do next.


Peter Connolly
Technical Director
KP Direction LLC


It's as if I had a limb severed off! I have been a silent listener for many of the years you have been podcasting, but you have made a deep impact in my personal and professional life. I was just saying to myself the other day, "I wonder what it will be like when they decide to call it quits." As of right now, it sucks! But, I'll do my best to get over myself and my own pity party. It's just that I had someone (both of you collectively) for the past 3.5 years that I was actually learning something from.

Some of my favorite moments were when you guys took the time to pray after a podcast. It somehow made the podcast feel more personal. The other was the "Going Analog" cast. It was a good reminder of what is important in life, my family and my God.

Thanks guys for giving up a portion of your personal and professional lives to make a difference in mine. Even though I've never met you, I love you like family and will miss you the same.

Geeks for now, God forever. See you in heaven if not sooner.


We'll Miss Geeks & God

I have loved listening to Geeks and God, I really enjoyed the Geeks and God Web 2.0 conference. I have saved several episodes of the G&G podcasts because the content is very valuable!

From all of us podcast listeners, "Well done good and faithful servants!"

We look forward to hearing more about what Rob Feature and MF will be doing, we eagerly await the announcement!

May the hand of our great God be upon the two of you as you pursue His calling in your life.

God bless!

Sam Garcia
Web Servant of the Most High God
<>< <>< <>< <><

My life's motto and goal: Simple obedience to God in the simple things.

You guys are great!

I'll miss the podcasts, of course, but thank you so much for all the great info for the 2 years I was here.


A big thank you


I learned Drupal right along with you guys. Thanks for all you do.

My guess on your next project: Dries gave you guys an acre in Drupal Gardens to grow hosted church sites. It will be the shopify.com of church sites. You've heard it here first!

A little late

I have heard some of your podcasts from iTunes and decided today to come to your website. I am sad that you guys are stopping this podcasts, but it really sounds like it is for the better for you guys and for our brother and sisters world wide.
Thank you very much for your website and your podcasts, they have helped me a lot.

Thank you - a fond farewell


I discovered this podcast / site about a year ago, and warmed to it immediately, despite not being an advocate of Drupal (although, thanks to your podcasts, I have learned a healthy respect for All Things Drupal!).

This is the first Christian geek podcast that I really felt part of, despite not being a massively interactive member. Matt, Rob - you have a great gift in communication, teaching and encouraging (particularly together!) - I hope your new project encompasses that too.

I will really miss being able to tune in on those Fridays to see the live podcast recording and being part of the interactive audience - that was very cool, although I got there only a few times.
Does anyone know of any other Christian geek podcasts that us podcast addicts might be able to join? :-)

This podcast is a marvellous ministry, although I can imagine it must be a ton of work to research and record all this material. I guess I'm only sad that I joined so late and didn't get my dream of seeing a Geeks&God European tour :-)

Anyway, musings aside, thank you both again (and to your patient families!), and I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime Matt's new engineeredweb blog is cool :-)


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Sad News

I discovered the podcast about two weeks before the break, so I haven't had a long acquaintance, but I know already I'm going to miss it.

Keep on being faithful for God.

Really cool project


I'm going to miss you guys!

Take care and keep us posted.

The End. Really? Why?


Like many of the others, I, too, have listened to these podcasts for years. I have archived some and continue to listen to them for the insights you offered on bridging the gaps between those with technology gifts and those with ministry gifts.

I was part of the Christian Web Masters forum that was folded into G&G last year - I even heard about it here on the podcast before it was announced at CWM. Things change - that's for sure.

I have multiple reactions to this news -

Sadness it is ended
Gladness for your contributions to the church/tech community through this ministry
Hope for your new endeavor

And - confusion. Over and over in your podcasts you talked about discipleship and bringing someone along with you, so the work would continue and multiply without you. That we in technology are the enablers. Yet, that was not the case here. More sadness.

In Christ ~ Peace be with you.

Thanks for the ride


I'm so sad to see G&G sign off. But I knew it couldn't last forever. I was sad when Linux Reality and LUG Radio stopped podcasting... So I was sick to my stomach when seeing that the G&G podcast had ended.

But may I suggest something to Rob Feature and MF?? How about a Geeks and God "live" podcast. Something where you have a yearly G&G conference and just podcast it. Of course, I'm sure it's easier said than done... Or maybe just a Rob Feature and MF show titled: "What we've been doing the last 6 months". Come on, guys! You have SPOILED us all with your excellence in podcast audio! I'm just trying to get over my G&G withdraw symptoms.

Well, I don't want to forget the most important part of this post to Rob Feature and MF: THANK YOU so very much for all your help and support. It's a rare thing for 2 guys with such great talent to just decide to share their knowledge for free to strangers. I want to also thank everyone on this site. It sure has been a fun ride. I'm also thankful that the G&G site is still up.

I first ran across the G&G podcast back in 2007. I don't remember what number they were on. I was searching for info on podcasting, and that's when G&G popped up. I found it interesting, helpful, and funny. And I went ahead and kept listening to the episodes. Soon came along those podcasts about that mysterious thing called Drupal. ha ha. I had no idea what they were talking about, but I listened anyway. I've always been interested in computers, web, and just whatever. But I pretty much struggled to "get" what the deal with Drupal was. I think it was almost a year later when I said to myself, "I need to make a website and try that Drupal thing that Matt and Rob REFUSE to stop talking about". So I tried Drupal... I had played around with html before. But I was wanting a 'real' site. And I found myself going back and listening to all those episodes about Drupal and web sites. Everything made more sense the second time around.

Again, I'm sad to see G&G sign off. But I'm happy for you guys! I think that's great Rob is teaching! You are all in my prayers and I really HOPE to see and/or hear from ya'll in the future........... I keep thinking that there actually will be a Drupal church distribution. I don't know...Call me crazy, but it was like the 2 of your were contemplating taking that massive project on. ha ha. Who knows?

Me? My goal is to stop procrastinating! I'm back in Texas. So I'm gonna try to make it to the Drupal Dallas group meeting next month I've been lurking around on #drupal and #drupal-support on IRC. A lot of that stuff goes way over my head. But I'll climb up a ladder and catch it some day! And I'm gonna play around more with graphic design stuff. I think I'm more prone to drawing and colors than code.

So thanks again from the bottom of my heart.
I'll miss my cyber professors and friends,
Shane Pearson