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Compassion365 and Upgrading


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Yes, it's true...a Geeks & God podcast has arrived when you least expected it. But, it's here for a very good reason: The promotion of the Compassion365.com podcast! On this week's episode we talk all about this podcast which is raising awareness of Compassion International, and we spend time talking about why YOU should get involved and sponsor a kid today!

But of course, we couldn't leave it there. We dive into some geekyness and talk about things to consider when upgrading between major software versions, we tease our new project a bit more, and we announce that there will be more episodes coming to this feed soon. So, tune in and rock out.



Thanks Geeks,

It was great to hear from you guy's again, I forgot how much I missed listening to you!

For the Australian Geeks, may I please suggest as an alternative to http://compassion.com that Australians might consider supporting World Vision http://worldvision.com.au which provides similar services.

Anyway, its awesome that the show will continue and I look forward to the fresh new approach and content!

Bless you!


Is it true? Or am I up too late?


Hello everyone!

A new podcast?!?!?!?!?! Maybe I'm up too late and getting my calendar confused :-o

I guess it's time to download a new podcast and listen.


Nice to hear an update.


Good podcast and looking forward to what everyone has in store.

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Finally getting to this one.

Finally getting to this one. :-) I assumed it was mostly about Compassion, an org I'm familiar with. Then someone else told me some of the news therein and I realized I needed to catch up. Looking forward to hearing from the new hosts and about Matt & Rob's new project.