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Yes, it's true, the Geeks and God Podcast is back! An all new hosting crew will be bringing you new episodes on the first Monday of every month. This month, Rob Feature and Matt Farina introduce the new team, followed by a great interview with Pastor Lucas Forsthoff on the benefits of embracing technology to further the Gospel. We wrap up this month with a Drupal Spotlight on selecting modules.



Great episode guys! Awesome cast of hosts on there. Looking forward to the next show!

Save your 700Mhz receivers?

When you get into 700Mhz band more, it'd be interesting to speculate on if we'll be able to use the 700Mhz receivers for other interesting uses, maybe browse other people's internet habits?

Also, I really like the segment hearing from a Pastor about how to approach a tech should approach a pastor.

It was funny hearing all you guys voices. I realized I hadn't heard most of you talk and had all sorts of different ideas. I'm also looking forward to hearing from members of the community more and getting more interviews and so forth. That's cool!

New Crew


Any chance we could get the G&G names of the new crew?


Great reboot!

Hey guys, great reboot! RAWK!

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Look forward to getting to know the new crew and seeing where they take G&G.

It's Alive!

I'm glad to hear voices coming from G&G again!

The new format is working for me, similar to the way the Lullabot podcasts are structured. Having more viewpoints and experiences and resources will help keep this alive. I also like the perspective of having a pastor on the podcast, the episodes with Pastor Dion are some I keep listening to.

A few comments about this episode, -

While YouTube is the giant in video sharing, there are other platforms that are proving to be a bit more friendly for longer content. blip.tv, livestream.com (the old mogulus), vimeo.com and viddler.com are all free and do allow much longer videos to be uploaded. tangle.com (the old GodTube) is also worth exploring.

I listen mostly for the mission and ministry topics, the technical topics tend to appeal to a specific group (I don't use Drupal, though I have tried it, I am not a sound or video tech or graphic designer).

Free Video Platforms


You've listed some great suggestions for video sharing resources. Our church discovered Mogulus (now Livestream.com) during the Geeks and God Conference in 2008. (Has it really been that long ago???) We just upgraded to their pro version and are using it for our live web streaming, but we took advantage of the free version for a long time. I've seen a lot of churches using the other three services you've mentioned.

I think YouTube might be less intimidating for some people at the onset, but I agree that most of them will quickly want to graduate to some of these other services for longer content.

And I agree, I loved the episodes with Pastor Dion and even got to meet him a couple of times before he moved out of the area. That was one of the reasons I thought it would be good to have a pastor on this first podcast with the new crew.


Josh From Ez Texting here -

Josh From Ez Texting here - First we want to thank Pastor Lucas Forsthoff for mentioning us. We're glad to hear that he's found an innovative usage of text messaging.

If anyone has any questions about Ez Texting, or text messaging in general, I'd be glad to answer them. You can also check out our Ministries Resource Center. We've got a couple of case studies there - one about Third Reform Church in Pella, Iowa and another about Lake Pointe Church near Dallas

Thanks guys - enjoyed the Podcast.

Great new podcast


The new podcast for Geeks and God was great, I really enjoyed it. The guest speaker who spoke about technology in his church was very helpful in giving me ideas, I will have to listen to it again to take it all in. I also liked the Drupal part at the end, I will have to listen to that again as well as I still have yet to get started in Drupal, despite hearing about it many times on the G&G Podcast and wanting to use that to assist with a church website. I have just lacked the time so far, but I hope the bit that Hans went through on the podcast will get me started, even if only slowly.

Keep up the good work, and may God bless you in this technology-based ministry.


I cant believe it. I just stopped in to find some info and Voila...You're BACK!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Welcome back.

Super Sweet Awesomeness!

I am very excited that the Geeks and God Podcast is back! It seems as though you are setting it up well for the long haul - once a month is fine if that means you can avoid burn out. And having a larger group to draw from for content. It was neat to hear the variety of experiences of the hosts. I look forward to learning about lots of different topics. Keep the mix going! I want to be able to support this effort any way I can. Don't be afraid to ask us to help in any way!

Wooo Hooo!!!

I am excited that the Geeks and God podcast is back. Thanks guys for picking up the show. I am excited to see what is in store for us. Good job on the first episode.

David Richards

Twitter alternative

Hey folks,

Loved the reboot. One thing I found a little unnatural was the lack of interaction between the hosts. You where all on a skype call right? How come you didn't talk to each other?

One of the up coming shows is going to deal with microblogging? Maybe you could take a look at status.net and identi.ca, both great microblogging sites that offer you the possibility of you own instance! Plus they are open source, big plus.

God bless,

Sam Pattuzzi

You got us :) Truth be told

You got us :)

Truth be told this first episode was pretty difficult to find a time where we were all available for a live recording. I for one was delayed for the recording so had to record my intro later on. There was a lot of piecing together in this one. We are all new to this so it was a rough start. But I think as everyone settles in and gathers experience improvements will come. Hang in there with us.

I like your idea of topic on microblogging. All of us cohost use twitter quite a bit. I have tried indeti.ca. Think I still have an account. Will run it by everyone and see if we can add it to one of the episodes.

Thanks for listening!


And that's not easy to spell, but says what I feel :)). SO good to know you're going to be back again as I've been lost not having the show to listen to for lots of interesting info to help me out. Thanks for reconsidering the option!! :)) Oh & BTW - can I request more Joomla content somewhere along the way once again or else topics that will work across ALL platforms?

Seize life by the throat and strangle it

Where did Shrop's hair go?

Oh, I hate it when I type a bunch of stuff and accidentally refresh the page! At least the subject line didn't get wiped out!

Oh yeah, hello everyone!!!

LOVE the new podcast. I'm with Josiah in that it was interesting hearing your voices.

Shrop, did you cut your hair, or was that a wig on your old profile pic?

Well, it's too early to be thinking and writing! So I'll keep it short.

Thank you, Rob Feature and MF for everything. And thanks to the moderators for what's about to come!

Hey man! It was time for a

Hey man! It was time for a change. :)

Glad you like the new podcast. That really means a lot.

Mark Shropshire "shrop"
Geeks & God Forums Moderator

Fromaster 2000

I think we could do a whole episode just on shrop's fro he had. Fromaster 2000 would be a could be a good title :)

Great Job


Just stumbled across your site - great work! Subscribing via iTunes right now!

Matthew Penn
Group Text Messaging
Online Youth Group Manager