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Welcome to the May 2010 edition of The Geeks and God Podcast. This month, we'll talk about tips for supporting our end users, changes to the FCC rules for wireless microphones, and news from DrupalCon San Francisco. We'll also throw in some comments about the Apple iPad and the Facebook f8 conference.

Frequency Finder

Here is an interactive site that will tell you the available frequencies to use in YOUR area and which ones to stay away from. Enter your zip code and hit enter. http://www.sennheiserusa.com/findfrequency/


I would like some input into this Volunteer question I have...My husband and I do a lot of volunteering and havn't come into this situtation yet but I feel as if I have to address it because I don't agree with it, so this is where others input can help me work it correctly....

We agreed to give of our time and help our parish put on a fish cake supper..we are also in the choir and come as often as we can to church.....we went in the day before and worked from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm then we go back today to help fry them, and serve the full meal till the crowd ends.which the time span should be from 12pm to maybe 7pm tonight...sooooooooo the issue is this i was told all the volunteers also have to pay for there supper the same as the other people...

My time is important, I had things to do at home but put them aside to help out, where does the line draw between.....money and appriciation... I am stubborn enough that I\ll pass out with hunger till i place them the money to feed me ...sorry its my principals...

Am I wrong to expect this....????

Is it Right to approach the driving force ( and there is one)and present her with the issue I have ????


Something change in the podcast feed?

Hey guys - just wondering if it's just me, or if anyone else has had any difficulty getting this episode in their podcatcher?

The rss link works fine, and I've tried different catchers (Rhythmbox and Banshee on Ubuntu, haven't tried on Windows, yet).