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Gurus of Tech Conference


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Welcome to the August 2010 edition of The Geeks and God Podcast. In this month’s episode, ChurchTechGuy reports on the Gurus of Tech Conference, a couple of pieces of quick Drupal news, and in the Drupal Spotlight, part two of Going Live with your Drupal Website.

Please note, all links for the Drupal spotlight are in the episode transcript.

Really liked what you said

Really liked what you said about "resourcing" other churches. There are some things the church in America does really well and some areas where the church in the UK does terribly. (Generosity for example!) but one thing I think, particularly the Church of England, does really well is see itself part of a wider community. Mega churches in America become huge and then televise themselves. Where as the equivalent mega church in the UK (Holy Trinity Brompton, or St Helen's) expands outwards and instead works to produce resources to help churches around it. (HTB is aiming to plant 20 churches a year, Songs and training come from tim hughs, they have the alpha course and marriage courses and 24/7 prayer).

I mean its different because the US is huge and the UK is small. Also there are less christians in the UK. But I think the mindset of resourcing churches rather then competing makes everything more powerful :)

Sorry if this has been answered :S
About Bible Field vs Scripture Filter. The Filter is about parsing bible references into passages (hence Copyright is an issue). Whereas Bible Field is more like a Content "Tag" and (so doesn't deal with copyright). So the bible field will be absolutely perfect for a sermon resource management module. You'll be able to tag the scripture references that appeared in the sermon. This means views can later be built to either search or filter by verse or section of verses.