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DrupalCon Chicago Wrap Up


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Welcome to the April 2011 edition of the Geeks and God Podcast. We missed last month, but we're back with an episode that's all about the 2011 North American DrupalCon in Chicago, what we learned, and our takeaways from the conference.

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DrupalCon wrap up


Hello everyone,

Great podcast!

I figured I'd ask Shrop what program he used on the iPad to make a Drupal site. I've seen several iPad Apps for Terminal/SSH stuff. Just wanted advice from the G&G pros.


I think it's called Safari


Sorry if I didn't make it clear, but all Shrop used to make a new site from his iPad was a browser. Aegir did all the actual work. That's what was so amazing about it.

FWIW, I have iSSH on my iPod Touch, and I think I heard about that one from Shrop. It's pretty decent so far, but I haven't really used it for much, since the screen is so small.


Shane, Yeah. I was demoing


Yeah. I was demoing Aegir to deploy sites and do site maintenance using the iPad as the tool. It was super easy.

This is the service I was using. http://omega8.cc/ Great folks and Aegir open source contributors!


Mark Shropshire "shrop"
Geeks & God Forums Moderator

Deploying Drupal sites with Aegir and iPad


Hey Micah and Shrop,

Oops.. I listened to the podcast again. For whatever reasons, I thought Shrop used drush through an iPad SSH program. I guess my mind went blank at the thought of deploying sites with an iPad. Cool.

Thanks for the podcast! Gotta listen to the new one now.