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In this month's podcast, Ed and Micah talk with Josiah Ritchie about burnout.

Additional links can be found in the show transcript.

This is how I do it: My Vision by Paul Clifford

I found this video by Paul Clifford (@PodcastinChurch) via Twitter and thought it fits well with our discussion.



Free email hosting for churches

Dreamhost still offers free hosting for 501(c)3 non-profits. While they're certainly no Gmail, at least you'll have free email (and web hosting). I've been a very happy customer for four years and for part of those four years I managed free accounts for a church and a Christian school in addition to my personal account.

They also offer 50GB of storage for backups, which could serve as an alternative to paying for a service like Carbonite, albeit a bring-your-own-software alternative. How automatic your backups are would depend on what software you're using to perform the backups, but it's one possible place to keep them.