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Medium to Large Church Technology


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Your a medium to large church looking at where you can use technology to be more accessible and make life a little easier but run out of ideas. Or, maybe your church has just grown and you are no longer a small church and have more resources to tap and looking for ideas where to go with tech.

This week we cover a couple of the usual suspects in new ways (web and blog) but spend more time in church technology to help with accessibility, reaching people, worship services, and more that aren't on the top 5 of our usual suspects. And, we're starting some brainstorming with our listeners to help our listeners. To help us with a church leaders perspective we have special guest Pastor Dion Garrett of St. Matthew Lutheran Church.

Before we dive into church technology we continue the talk on the topic of copyright where Bob has some details that can possibly affect most churches. We, also, cove more with cell phones over seas and add a couple ways Christian geeks are different where Dion is able to give a little Hebrew and Bible perspective that is just way too smart for us.


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It is very nice that

It is very nice that technology help in our religious ways. It would help the people of the church share their ideas about their religion thus, it will promote unity among them.
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