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Drupal Theming Concepts


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One of the powerful aspects of drupal is it's very flexible theming! You can dream up any website design, or convert an existing html design, into a drupal website quite easily...In fact, we have never had a website theme/design that we couldn't make work with drupal. In this episode, and in the next, we cover the basics of creating a drupal theme.

We start by talking about the requirements of creating your own theme and the tools you need. From there we cover all the concepts of a drupal theme, such as the necessary files, php tags, and regions. We also chat a bit about 'stock themes' (those already pre-created for you) and how those can help beginner themers.

Before we dive into theming we covered a couple of the links tagged with 4geeksandgod on del.icio.us. The first is the iBoss, a network protector...this gets us chatting a little bit about why we should protect ourselves on the internet, and how it works. We also throw out a great bible study site, Studylite.org....check our links for this episode for all this stuff and more....

no can play!

is the mp3 corrupted, or did you exploit a bug in Linux MP3 players to make it non-playable by those free software freaks?

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Hey Havoc...
Can you give some details? Are you listening thru the feed or directly on the site?

Anyone else having problems playing the episode?

-Rob Feature
Geeks and God Co-Host

-Rob Feature
Geeks and God Co-Host


i downloaded the enclosure from the feed, then I came and re-downloaded the file from the website link. Both showed a valid file size. (I've deleted the files, now.)

well.... I hit the link with

well.... I hit the link with mplayer http://www.geeksandgod.com/audio/download/182/epis..., and it's playing now....

Works fine for me. Awesome

Works fine for me. Awesome episode by the way. But yeah, you guys did leave us hanging. :)

Move my theme

Good tips. I moved my theme Im working on into the sites folder as you suggested. Knowing me If I didnt I would be likley to overwrite it during an upgrade. I did that before messing with joomla.

Better themes for purchase?

There are some pretty good themes users have contributed. Its great they have done that. Most of them are just ok. In joomla CMS you can go to a place like http://www.joomlashack.com/ and purchase some awesome themes. Are there any such sites out there for Drupal themes?

Modules go into sites folder also?

I downloaded the "Notify" module from drupal. The read me states that it should be in the sites/modules folder. Other modules I have just placed in the modules folder that is default with drupal. In this podcast episode you stated themes should be in the sites folder also. Does the same hold true for modules? I have some modules installed in the default module folder. Will this be a problem in the future? Should I re-upload all my current modules in the sites folder?

Where To Install Modules

In drupal 5 there are 2 places you should install modules to. This is a matter of choice. They should go in either the /sites/all/modules folder or the /sites/default/modules folder. Putting them in the /modules folder will work but is not good. The installation, upgrade, and other documentation has it in these places. If you get into multisite setups on one drupal installation there are some other options so it you get into that ask about that.

You might also want to check out http://drupal.org/node/70151 for more details on installing contributed modules. Remember, the handbook is your friend.

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Co-Host

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Former Co-Host

Is Cron running?

I installed the notify module. It states that it requires cron to be running. How do I know if it is or not?
Wont even get into the fact I dont know what cron is. Or maybe I do. Isnt Cron a character in Star Trek :)

Cron is time based scheduler

Cron is a time based scheduling system for unix (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cron). Some things like the notify module and the search module do things at time based intervals rather then when a user visits a page. If you control your own server it is fairly simple to setup cron jobs (actions you want to run on some regular basis). Some shared hosts (like mediatemples grid server) offer up a way to have these in their control panels. You can find more about cron at http://drupal.org/cron and http://drupal.org/node/120625.

If you can't setup cron jobs with your host (like many shared hosts) check out the poormanscron module (http://drupal.org/project/poormanscron) and it can help you.

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Co-Host

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Former Co-Host

Contacted hosting provider

Contacted hosting provider to try to set up cron interval for me. If they are unable Ill check out the poormans one. Thanks again Matt for taking the time to reply to these.



I love the podcast. All of them... I just wanted to comment on Dreamweaver... I think everybody has the favorite tools and I just want to say the Dreamweaver has come a long way... Dreamweaver is for both designers and developers and you have the option of setting your own workspace layout... And just want to end with Dreamweaver CS4 really rock...