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Cascading Style Sheets


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We've talked about CSS. We've said time and time again it's the tool to use for building your websites design. We use it to do all our designs. It's what you need to build sites in drupal or the other top content management systems. In this episode we talk about CSS, what the acronym means, what the different parts are, the box model, and try our darnedest to explain what it does and how you can use it.

For some people CSS can create problems. Especailly, when you deal with multiple browsers and some (... IE ...) don't do CSS quite right and are different from version to version. So, if you have questions head over to our forums and ask away.

Before we dive into our main topic, we talk about apologetics. Apologetics is the geekiest area of theological study and we not only share some of our experience but give out some resources for others.

So, come join us... it's time for Geeks and God....

Answers in Genesis

Hey - I thought it was cool that you mentioned Answers in Genesis in your podcast. Ken Ham (the CEO) has a podcast also (on his daily blog)... http://blogs.answersingenesis.org.

Some great resources on there also for the issue of pain in the world...

cool podcast guys!