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VoIP and Your Church


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What's that? Your church is broke? Hey, that's crazy...mine is too. It's the times we live in: Tight budgets, Giving is down, and churches are scrambling for ways to save some money. Geeks to the Rescue!

This week we talk about a technology that could save you some money instead of selling your church's collective soul to Ma Bell. We talk about VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and how it can apply to churches like yours.

Sure, you've heard of Skype and iChat but you never thought there was a solution that could actually be implemented on a large scale at your church...until now.

Rob and MF don't know much about VoIP, so they invited a G&G listener, Geek, and VoIP guy, Erik Anderson, onto the show to tell us all about how he launched VoIP systems on a scale that would be usable in any size church. He tells us all about how the open source Asterisk VoIP system can be implemented in churches and save them a bunch of money on their phone system and long distance charges.

Kick back, grab some skittles, and tune into this episode of G&G....

VoIP rocks!

Just listened to the latest podcast. I shouldn't be surprised when I listen and you guys are constantly talking about something I'm currently dealing with.

I work in a charter school system in San Diego and we are going to implement the TrixBox appliance for two new schools opening in the fall.

I've been testing TrixBox on an old IBM box and it's awesome! I've also convinced the staff at the school I'm working at to go with softphones. As a geek, I'm get stoked when I get normal folks to geek all over themselves.

Thanks for all of the great podcasts. I really enjoyed those on CSS. Excellent work gentlemen! God bless and happy podcasting.


Asterisk is great

Before joining Sugar Creek I was a VoIP developer for UpSNAP Inc. UpSNAP had many audio services using Asterisk. The biggest application we ran was NASCAR Fanscan for Sprint (http://www1.sprintpcs.com/explore/ueContent.jsp?sc...). This application handle lots of connections and ran very solid. Can't speak higher for Asterisk.

If I had more time I would love to develop a Phonetree replacement for Trixbox that churches could use and save some money.

Rick Russell