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Ministry As Open Source: Community


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Today we start our series on Ministry as Open Source. What's this all about? Are we going to talk about open source software that your church should use? No, we're not...

Ministries and Open Source communities have alot in common and we believe that ministries can learn lessons from the successful community buiding that open source has evidenced in the past few years. Today on the 'cast we talk about these communities, how they're structured, what successful techniques they use and find some simliarities between the two types of community.

But before all that, we talk more about open source in your church (does it cost more? does it cost less?) and the frequency podcast. Oh, and once again, we fail at skypecasting...argh.

Great teachings guys!

Hey, can I just say that this was a FANTASTIC podcast!

Thanks for the analogy, it rocked and I think it was a perfect analogy. I think this actually could be a great way to talk about the "right" way of doing church, and hopefully peek some interest from the non-Christians listening.

You know, something that's also cool, is that even though you never mentioned that this is a "Biblical" teaching, it really is straight out of the Bible. I think of Ephesians 4 and Romans 12 and the like which talks about using our many gifts in different ways for the "building up of the body of Christ" and the "equipping of the saints for works of service."

Sorry I have no critique for you guys on this one, but I thought this was a great episode and thanks so much for your work!


Episode worth digging

Just finished listening to this episode. A great way to spend my commute home from work.
I see G&G is in the digg.com podcast directory. I think this episode is particularly worth digging, as it could be a good one to share with non-christian geeky people.

Good thoughts on community

Nice reflections.

Looking at the Open Source community definitely offers good guidance and reflection on how we can serve in our church communities.

It is good to observe the success of the OS model and use it to remind us all that what we know from family, corporate, and even government don't offer "the" model for the church. We need to discover and create communities more focused on benevolence towards the each other and the world beyond.

Thanks. Keep going!



Fish on a car?

It is one thing to have a fish on a car, but some people take it to extremes!


That's hilarious!!!

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Co-Host

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Former Co-Host

Purple haired savior

Too funny. I wonder what made them think of a purple haired Jesus. lol. I wonder whats up with all the monkeys also.

Another concept: You want it, you do it

Hey guys,

AWESOME episode. Maybe my favorite so far. While my church doesn't necessarily do everything you discussed here, much of it translates very well. And you also nailed a lot of the reasons that I love Drupal. It goes way beyond the software.

Here's one more correlation that you might have covered in a later episode that I haven't heard yet. I've seen this one in some form at both at church and on drupal.org: if you want something implemented, then you are probably the best candidate to be the one doing it. Or at least be a contributor in some way. Being a member of a community means putting your hand to the work, not standing on the sidelines saying "somebody ought to be doing X."



Thanks for putting together this podcast! It's great to see the open source community getting some love.