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Ministry as Open Source: Leadership and Attitudes


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Today's podcast continues our foray into applying open source concepts to ministry development and organization.

We start by talking your phone calls...we talk about projector screens, putting those little fish on your car, and we talk all about Jesus as our kernel. We then start the big debate: Bookstore or Library in your church?

After all this we talk about ministry as open source...we talk about concepts that come from open source slogans, we talk about ministry leadership styles, and we chat all about the attitudes that come along with open source and lending a hand to others...

All this, on this week's Geeks and God Podcast...

Sorry it's late!

Hi guys...

I'm a bit behind at the moment so am just listening to this cast. You're talking quite a bit about the bookshop/library thing - and I just thought I would throw in my 2 cents (well - pence as I'm from Sunny England)...

The last 'big' church that I worked for ran both a library and a bookshop. All the proceeds from the bookshop went towards sourcing books/resources for the library.

Like you said in your cast - the library is brilliant for people who can't afford or don't have space or whatever reason for not buying books - but the shop was there for those people that could afford the books. It meant that rather than the profit going to Amazon or whoever it went to the library of the church.

That system worked well...

As for the 'impulse consumer environment' - the bookshop was in the most horrible part of the church! Just walking towards it got rid of that impulse!!

Again - sorry it's late - still really enjoying the podcast - just been unable to listen for a bit.

Take care guys.

Andy Hoyland