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Design Tips: Print Design


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On today's Geeks and God podcast we launch into the realm of print design. Postcards, Brochures, Newsletters, and Banners are all discussed and analyzed in an attempt to give you some tips on improving your church image.

We talk about color, bleed, resolution and some tools for creating your print designs. We break down design types (text based, image driven, raster or vector) and talk about the appropriate software for designing each. As you may expect, we slam on MS Publisher and encourage you to use external professional print companies. We also talk branding, spacing, fonts, readability and much more...

But, before all that, we ask the big question: "Who are YOU on the internet?" when we talk about our online persona.

Wake up Adobe

Fantastic show and I have emailed all my mates who must listen to this show.

Man is software in Europe a rip off

Adobe CS3 Design Premium on the US adobe site = $1799 (£891)
Adobe CS3 Design Premium on the UK adobe site = $3339 (£1655)

How’s that work out! How can an download in the UK be cost double a download in the US? Ow and they won’t let you buy it on the US site if you are in the UK. The ripped of copy on ebay at $200 looks more and more tempting. No not really. Grumble over, Ill go back to my Photoshop Elements 2.0 I suppose.


US Store?

Hey Max...
How about buying a hard-copy from a US store? Going to www.clubmac.com or something and having them ship it to you...

Will those places not ship internationally? There must be someplace that will....Just an idea.

-Rob Feature
Geeks and God Co-Host

-Rob Feature
Geeks and God Co-Host

Pay < $600 for Adobe CS3 Design Prem.

US churches .....usually pay less than $600 for Adobe CS3 Design Premium (non-profit price)... so it's even worse. Maybe you have a US affiliate who could purchase and hold the license for you? Point out your dilemma to local reps. They are missing out on getting the software into a lot of hands that will never pay a price like that.

BTW: This isn't an advertisement. It's just I hate to think any church is needlessly spending extra thousands of dollars (to benefit Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, anyone). I've already sounded the alarm about all the churches who seem to unintentionally donate to Microsoft (and then complain about the cost).

For under $500 for the MAC and slightly more for the PC: Adobe licenses this overpriced thing to 501(c)(3) organizations and some other qualifying organizations. Adobe, MS and others do this stuff for your benefit... Please, please take advantage of it and save your donation money for some more worthy purpose. Similar percent savings are available for other products.

I'm not going to recommend a specific seller, but if you don't know about this just Google the Adobe product number (54023090LR) and you should be able to find at least a couple on-line purchasing options.



Online Personae and Print Stylesheets

Great series, guys! I enjoyed the comments about one's online persona as well. I think that part of the problem comes from tools like IM and IRC (and sometimes email) where we tend to abbreviate and/or not use all of the words necessary to convey our message because the recipient knows us well enough to fill in the gaps. That has fostered a laziness that can creep into our own blogging or commenting, and we don't realize what kind of tone we're setting when we do so.

There's only one item that I thought might be missing from your design series, and that would be CSS for print media. The need for this varies from site to site, of course. Blogs don't necessarily need it, but some sites really do.

I recently attended a tech arts conference. The colors for the conference web site were white on orange, which looked very cool on screen. However, it didn't work out very well when I tried to print some information to take with me. This is something that could have been easily corrected with an @media print section at the bottom of their CSS page to override the colors when printing.

Adding overrides to set sidebars and navigation to display: none when printing can also be a nice touch.

I should also mention that I got a little convicted by this series, and went back to increase my font sizes and allow a little more white space into a couple of my web sites. I used Firebug to tweak the settings, which worked out quite well.


Awesome Show

Thanks guys for another great episode. I do the Churches logos for T-Shirts, Store, and Website. Thank you for letting me know the right color choices. RGB for Web and CMYK for Print.

-Ryn Garcia


Its price is so high i can't afford it.
Thanks for letting us know new edition.