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Today's podcast is weird. Flat out. There is almost nothing, except Rob Feature, that resembles every other Geeks and God podcast. MF is still gone, so we have Pastor Joe Burnham sitting in as podcast co-host. We decided not to talk full-on-tech, so we're exploring a more theological topic. Rob gets freaked out because he's all alone talking into a microphone and is recording outside the familiar bounds of the infamous "Podcast Room".

All that aside, we move forward with this unplanned episode, just to keep your geek brains moving. Today we talk with Joe about the concept of "Vocation"...or living the calling God calls to you. We try and dispel the myth that says: If you're not using your Geek-Gifts in church, then you're wasting your time. We talk about everyday interactions and dig into the Bible for some backup on this idea.

So, join us for a very unexpected, unplanned, and unorthodox episode of the Geeks and God Podcast.


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Matt Farina
Geeks and God Co-Host

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Former Co-Host

Thank you for this podcast

Loved it. Plain and simple.

I do believe that too often people elevate "spiritual" jobs over "secular". We are to glorify God in everything we do.

The idea that being a pastor or church staff member is somehow more spiritually significant than being a tent-maker, needs to be addressed....especially since over 99.9999% of people are not in full-time ministry roles. We are ALL called to be ministers.

Thanks for taking the time-out from the typical podcast info to address this issue. Great co-host while MF was adjusting to married life. Newbie.... :-)

I agree... but...

I agree with the premise that not all are called to the same thing - (Romans 12, 1 Cor 12) ... but at the same time, God does call some to serve within the community using their tech skills.

There are so many tech needs - even in countries and places where people do not have a change of clothes, there are technology needs! And there are many short-term opportunities to worship God through our service: tech-oriented mission trips, volunteering a few hours at the church... whatever.

So while I agree that not are called to full time ministry - I hope that we do not make it seem a "negative" thing to serve in that way.

I think the most important thing is to have a strong relationship with Christ, so that you will be able to better discern what and where we are called.

The problem

As someone who has grown up in the church I've found the problem that many people think that to server the Lord you need to be in full time ministry. The guest in this episode who was talking about how we are not all called to full time church work is a full time pastor.

I think that's what we was talking about. In no way does he or do Rob and I think full time ministry are bad things. Please don't get that impression.

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Co-Host

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Former Co-Host