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Audio Processing: Part 1


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Quite a while ago, a G&G Blog existed. As usually happens, we got lazy and never updated it, so we nixed it....But, looking at our web stats at the time, we saw just how many people frequented Rob's blog entries about Audio Processing basics. So, we figured we'd take the need we saw and try to fill it with a pair of episodes...

This week, we begin with Audio Processing basics. We talk about EQ (equalization), Compressors, DeEssers, Expanders/Gates, Limiters, and Feedback Exterminators. But, alas...we don't stop there.

Rob goes off (possibly unfairly) on people that use (or overuse) effects. We talk about Reverb, Delay, Pitch and Time (we get a little crazy there), Flanger, Chorus and the like... We also talk for a minute about reducing noise in your recordings.

But, before all this, we talk about the problems everyone seems to be having with DVD and Hard Drive based camcorders that those folks at Best Buy are pushing so hard....

other podcast to listen to

Phil Ayres at Bald Worship Leader did some episodes about audio in the past:


They have some pretty good information in them. Keep up the good work guys.