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Forming Online Community: Concepts


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On today's episode we make the big announcement: The Geeks and God Web 2.0 Conference is coming to fruition, and here are some quick details (the only thing still missing is a solid date). It will happen July 2008 at Michigan Theological Seminary (Plymouth, MI). Tickets are $99 for the first two days, and $50 for the third, which is a 'hands on' web building day (Or $100 for the last day without the first two). We were determined to make it cheap enough for everyone to travel and attend...We're totally pumped, and we hope you are too!

After that, we start our series on Forming Online Community by tackling the basic concepts: What do we mean by online community? Why online community? What are the basic aspects of online community? In the process we talk about old concepts becoming new again, how churches and society have changed, and Rob gets pumped when talking about life-integration and niche markets. And, finally we ask: What are your church's barriers to creating an online community? (feel free to answer in the comments below)

It's an action packed day here on Geeks and God...


The first barrier that always comes up when we talk about creating an online community is cost. Our church community has so many needs, it is hard to justify spending much money on this thing that is viewed as an "extra".

requirements and time

Curtis G - Welcome to the conversation. This is a tough thing.

Creating an online community, especially starting from scratch can seem like a daunting task where man things are extras. I'd suggest starting a list of things that would be good to do for the church and it's mission with the web. Start with high level things, then break them down to lower level things to do.

Once you have a list you can see what the different needs are at different times for different things and can start to get a handle on cost and time needs.

Then, you can slowly start to bring in web community aspects that will help the church in a cost effective way.

For a primer check out http://www.innovatingtomorrow.net/2008/03/07/re-th... where I give some detail on what we can do. (yes, it's a shameless plug)

At my church it's been fairly cost effective to move to a community based web environment. We are a it of a special case. But, it can be done in a cost effective way.

Does it seem overwhelming to you? I've been immersed in this stuff for so long it can be hard to tell.

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Co-Host

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Former Co-Host