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Websites that don't suck #4: What to put on your site


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No one likes to be told what to do...but we browse the web (especially with ministry websites) and can't help but think that some people need some direction.

As we always say, the Geeks and God podcast is being made, primarily, for people in Christian ministries that want to start using technology to get their message out there....now we realize that everyone who listens isn't in that boat...and that's cool. We try and give enough geek for everyone...but once in a while, we do an episode specifically for ministry people, and this is one of those...

We talk about what should be on a ministry website in particular. Now, everyone else may get some good tips out of this too, and we hope you do...but our goal is to help ministries create websites that don't suck....so check out this episode.

This episode was recorded over Skype (which is a bit different for us) and was done on remote location between Florida and Michigan, recorded using a couple of Powerbooks. So, the experience was a bit different.

As always we had This Week In Geek, in which we talked about Skype, Internet at work, and Fuel Cell Phones, and Linksys VoIP phone...

Talk outline notes

Do you guys have an outline of the talking points of this podcast. I manage a church site, that all the points of this podcast hit home, and I am constantly fighting with the church leaders for content updates and what they need and don't need on their website. The pastor is one of those people who wants every single thing about the church or every written word about the church on the site, but I know better... If you could send me the outline that would be great, otherwise I will have to type and listen....Thanks.


Unless Rob has an archive of old notes somewhere we don't have our show notes from this episode anymore. And, I don't think he does. Sorry we can't be more help here.

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Co-Host

Matt Farina
Geeks and God Former Co-Host