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Websites that don't suck #6: Choosing a Webhost


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Arrrrrr You Ready To Ruuuuumblllllle? Step into the ring with this weeks Geeks and God podcast. It's a steel cage match of all things webhosting.

We chat extensively about many aspects of webhosting such as: What should you pay for a webhost? What kind of features should you get for that money? We talk about multiple connection hosts, techsupport and keeping your data safe on the host. We chat about distributed network hosts, easy to install apps and why you should demand the works when it comes to e-mail.

We also break down basic and shared hosting and talk a little about advanced hosting, and why it'll be a pain in the tukus if you aren't an uber geek like MF.

But before all that, we suplex people addicted to video games, we go off the top rope chatting about scientists and faith, and we pile drive Stargate SG-1. (tired of wrestling metaphors? me neither....)

We also talk trash with Mean Gene about iPods and Beer, we get listener feedback from Jake the Snake Roberts and Elizabeth, and we make fun of Nintendo for naming their console The Wii....again.

So, kick back, and join us for this giant wrestling metaphor we call Websites that Don't Suck #6: Choosing a webhost.....

(beware, if you're looking forward to lots of wrestling talk in the actual episode, you'll be sorely disappointed....it's just a passing reference. So...don't hate us. Or, if you do, at least hate us on the Geeks and God voicemail so we feel like someone is listening to our show.....)