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After one day at the Geeks and God conference we decided to record the episode that was never planned to happen. In this episode John Wilkerson, from the Jesus Geek Podcast, joins us where we talk about conference in the realm of churches and ministries.

Just as the picture suggests, we recorded this episode relaxing outdoors in Robs backyard. Come join us for a relaxing episode where we chat about conferences.


The Web 2.0 Conference is excellent! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on conferences, you guys are doing a great job on this conference.

Web Servant of the Most High God

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My motto and life's goal:
"Simple obedience to God in the simple things." †

Web Servant of the Most High God

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My motto and life's goal:
"Simple obedience to God in the simple things." †


And Mama Feature is an excellent cook!

I am beyond happy about this conference!!

I had the best time!! Thanks guys!!

Larry Miller
Keeping the World Connected one Geek at a Time ;)

Larry Miller
Keeping the World Connected one Geek at a Time ;)

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 Conference was awesome!
The group immediately took to one another right away and I learned about other topics then Drupal from the presenters as well as the attendees.
The cost was affordable and it was a great location.
The food.... well all I can say is I gained a few pounds, it was awesome.
MF and Rob has the set the bar pretty high for next year. Each day started on time, with discussions/questions starting before hand.
It was totally worth coming.

Tom Hower
Serving Ministry through Technology

Tom Hower
Serving Ministry Through Technology

Good to hear!

Was not expecting an episode and then it popped into the iPhone! Yeah! Even though it was not in the technical nature, it still hit home with some things that you covered. Online communities can be very good starters for the bigger picture. This is what happens with my motorcycle group. We are always talking online yet we are 100 miles apart. When it is time to ride, it is like second nature to us all and we act as if we all know each other. So it can happen with any group. Ok, so I am going to listen to the rest of the cast. Since I was unable to attend this year, I am making plans for attending next years conference, so you should too :)

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The conference really was

The conference really was amazing. It was great meeting all of you, and can't wait until the next one!


We had a blast!

If you were there, it was probably pretty obvious that MF and I had a blast. But, I just wanted to thank everyone again for coming...it was so exciting and inspiring to meet all of you!

How about someplace warm and tropical for the next conference? :)

-Rob Feature
Geeks and God Co-Host

-Rob Feature
Geeks and God Co-Host

Australia's a great place for a conference!

Hmmmm.... warm and tropical you said... what can I say... we got the Lullabots to visit "downunder"...

Wow! What can I say that

Wow! What can I say that wasn't already said in this podcast? Oh, I know! I sound 10 feet tall in this episode. Does my voice really have that much bass in it or were you just trying to make me sound good?

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Sounds like a great conference

The conference sounded like it was great. Kinda wish I would have gone. For some reason i thought i heard on the podcast that the conference was geared more towards leaders wanting to learn more about web 2.0.
It sounds like you guys had a blast connecting with other geeks. I will definitely check out the videos and be there next year.

Sound like a great

Sound like a great conference!!!!!!

Just finished listening to the podcast. There are forums for church workers: pastors, youth workers, etc. I find that people don't post enough to create a community that would lead to a conference.


I was expecting to see some

I was expecting to see some gand 2008 conference tshirts on everyone there :)

FYI...I did say T SHIRTS

FYI...I did say T SHIRTS this time. When typing on my cell phone I try to be really careful now to include all the letters when ever I type shirts in.
Inside twitter experience for those that dont get it. :)


Ok, glad I wasn't sipping my coffee when I read that. I recall the Twitter incident far too well. :-)

Speaking of T-Shirts, I didn't get a chance to completely read Brett's on Saturday. I noticed right away it was a SQL query, but he disappeared before I got a chance to read the whole thing during a break.


what was the mp3 thingy?

What was that MP3 device which John W referred to in the podcast? Sounds interesting! (And it was a great podcast ep btw!)


great show, found you though Jesusgeek so I am glad he did.

Great Conference!

I had a great time y'all. Tim and I had a great ride up from Tennessee and thoroughly enjoyed your hospitality, etc. I am going to go back through the ppts, think about everything, play around in Drupal, crystallize my thoughts, and THEN try to talk to church leadership at my church. Thanks so much for the great "sensitivity" training sessions MF and Rob, early on.

Had a great cajun salmon at the Box Bar.

BTW, where is the survey?

john cummins
new market, tn

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Kicking myself

You may have heard the sound all the way up in Michigan--it was me, down here in Kansas, kicking myself in the butt for missing out on the conference. I just listened to the "Conferences" episode and could not possibly wish more that I had been there. It just couldn't happen this year, but maybe next year...

In my old job, I attended several national professional conferences each year, and I have also attended the Worship Arts Conference at Willow Creek a couple of times, along with the Leadership Summit that Willow does--conferences are extremely helpful for all the reasons you guys mentioned, and you can't overstate the importance of getting away from home, work and family for a few days to "pause and regroup" among people who share your professional (and spiritual) interests.

Sometimes it's not even the conference content itself that makes the conference time so valuable, because, let's face it, there's rarely any content presented at a conference that isn't available from other sources and in other ways--but in my experience, the conference (and the trip away from home) is more often a catalyst for thinking that you just don't have time to do at home or in the office. Conferences just turn up the "focus knob" to a higher level than you normally get in the midst of your day-to-day hustle and bustle. (And that is officially the first time I believe I have ever actually typed the word, "bustle."

Thanks again for all you guys do--you rock, and I'm sure the conference rocked, as well.