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Check out the site I made

Joined: 06/28/2007

Remember I am no scholar, I just had an idea that I got from a friend.

I don't know how to do sites or anything really.

I am in the begining stage, I even made a video
that kept crashing movie maker!


Joined: 04/17/2008
Great Site!!!!!!!!!

You have done a great job making the site personal. I really like the feel!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Joined: 06/28/2007

I've been waiting five days to tell me something. lol

Thank you so much.

You made my day!!!!

Joined: 01/18/2009
Keep up the good work.

Hey it's not easy when you are learning at first but you did do a good job so keep it up and keep trying new and different things.