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Site Critique

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We are primarily spanish speaking church but would like to expand to english also. I created this with Rapidweaver for Mac , Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS just want to get more ideas I am new graphic designer and would like to learn more about CSS and HTML thanks for all the help.


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Not bad!

Things I really dig:
I love the color..it's very crisp and fresh. I like the overall design a lot. It seems like you have a lot of information (or at least places for information...some links have no content yet), which is good.

Things that I think could be better:
I'm not a big fan of the content width changing for certain pages (the forum, youth). Also, I'm not really digging how the 'jovenes' page is completely separate design inside the content section.

I'm not sure if having the feedburner subscription for the podcast on the right sidebar is the best idea, maybe it should be in the content section? I don't know about that one.

Looking at your code it seems like you have a lot of CSS files that might be unnecessary? I'm not sure about that, but it seems like some (sunflower, green, sidebar_right) could be combined into one file.

Things that don't work
I only had a quick glance at this, but the calendar page didn't load for me at all. I wasn't patient enough to wait for it if it would have. You might want to double check that one.


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shaaaweeet look

I'm with iamoffering on the colors. Very nice, almost a refreshing look to it. I know you still have a lot of content to go on it but it seems you got some good ideas on the design. Ill let others who know more about the inner workings comment on that.

Thanks for the compliment I

Thanks for the compliment I would really appreciate feedback from anyone you know who knows how it all works.
Thanks again

Thank you I am going to

Thank you I am going to change the way the page looks on jovenes and yes I am missing content waiting for information from the leaders should be up soon and i will put up a Under Construction label for now.