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BIOS settings

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Hi, wondering if you can help. Have lost the BIOS settings from a Compaq Evo D510 Ultra-slim desktop. The computer was unplugged and back up battery died. Any idea how to get the BIOS settings back when the computer doesn't power up properly. It starts and after a couple of seconds the light on the front flashs red.
Will replacing the battery work?
The computer only has CD ROM, not floppy drive.

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Tough question and to really answer it I would need a little more info. But, here are a few thoughts. First, check the battery but that may not be the problem. When the battery dies the computer usually boots up to it's default settings with a date from years ago.

This may be something where you are better off taking it in to a computer tech.

Does it boot up? Does it just sit at a blank screen? Does it beep? If so, how many times? Is there an error message?

Matt Farina
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Matt Farina
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Hi, It was definitely the


It was definitely the battery, it needs replacing and will get on to that early next week. After testing it on a multimeter it watched it dropping charge by the second.

It is all working fine now after having to reset the time and date on the BIOS settings.

Just FYI, the computer would start to power on with a green light for 2 seconds and then there was flashing a red light. According to the troubleshooting guide this could have had a number of sources.

I left the unit plugged in while I left it frustrated that I couldn't fix it. This must have recharged the old battery in the unit and when I tried it today it powered on, I reset the BIOS clock and all is well.

Thanks for your thoughts