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Blasphemy Challenge

Joined: 02/28/2007

First off...thanks for the show guys. Always enjoy them. Thanks for being open to doing God's work in ways that use your talents. Right on!

Regarding the blasphemy challenge.
-I don't think we as Christians should be terribly surprised that people of the world are trying to bring others into their line of thinking.
-Also I don't think we should be surprised that Satan is using people to twist the word of God to suit his purpose. He's been doing it since he talked to Eve.
-In short it seems to be a new spin on an old theme, and there is nothing new under the sun.

-It may perhaps be a good thing to have our faith challenged. I don't think it's a bad thing for a follower of Christ to stand out against the world. Jesus stood out and people either loved Him or hated Him. If we are to be like Christ shouldn't we find it rewarding to be hated for the part of us that is like Him?

-It's perhaps a little sad that there wasn't a testify challenge website before a blasphemy challenge website.

-I think it's great when the bible comes into the forefront because it gives us Christians a chance to:
1. make sure we know our stuff
2. testify about our faith

-I don't want to come across like we should not care about what Satan is doing in this world, but I think we need to learn from Jesus in how we give attention to Satan.

-I think it's also important for myself and others to keep in mind that our battle is not with people.

-I really enjoyed Frank Walton's sites. Great job Frank!

-I guess my challenge for myself and other Christians is to show Christ's love to the RRS (because He died for them too), pray for them, and also to consider this a wakeup call to get in the trenches (if we aren't already).

-From reading Mark 3 I think it's obvious that Jesus was the "Rational Response Squad". :)

I have more thoughts but this could quickly turn into an essay, so I'll shut up now. :)