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Launching 10th December 2012

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It was a difficult decision as to which forum I should post this in. But I think this is the correct one. I will update this post on Monday after the launch.

For the past few months as mentioned in the Joomla! forum, we have been working on migrating from Joomla! 1.5 -> 2.5 with a new design.

The project became much bigger than anticipated as we wanted to automate a lot of procedures that take many hours every week. So we have finally came to a point where we are able to launch Phase One.

You can visit the "before" site at: creation.com

Check back Monday for a brand new design and functionality. Or sign-up to the email list to get an email about the launch.

I would appreciate feedback upon launch. Even ... dare I say suggestions regarding functionality.



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It's up!

I haven't had time to post here. Let me know what you think :)

Many improvements needed through phase two.

Items of interest?
- Media Center
- Check out the Creation Station
- Creation for Kids, this will be continually be updated with more content.

We coded the moving elements in Adobe Edge Animate (very cool tool, though very young), however I am not liking the overall file sizes.

In the next week I will be focusing on site performance and ironing out bugs that the development site failed to show... as usual.

Over all its been fun getting the site to where it is thus far. Im gearing up for Phase Two!



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my best wishes!!!!!!!!

my best wishes!!!!!!!!