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Allow visitors to Download MP3 files

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I recently used a software program called WebPlus X6 to design and publish a website. "TheWordAlive.com" I am happy with how it came out but, there is one thing I can not do by using that software. I want to allow visitors to Download MP3s of my Bible teaching, imbedded in my site. Many of them are 45 to 90 minutes long so rather than play them through their browser, it would be better to download to a portable device of some kind. I know that you can right click and "Save target as" but if possible I would like to make it so they only have to click on a button that opens up a dailog saying "Do you want to Open or Save this file." I have searched all over the net for a simple way to do this. I have found several that will "force a download." My problem is that I have practically no experience using code. All of the solutions I have found, includng one on this site use php code. My software has a way of inserting HTML into a page but, nothing happens when I try to insert the code I have found. I don't know what do do with the code I copy or how to make it work with buttons on my site. I am pretty good with user friendly software but, can't get a grasp of this code business. I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions.

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Force download vs. podcast

Hi Lutrow,

What you'd like is certainly possible, but would require writing some code.

Some related discussion:

I'm not familiar with WebPlus but it's certainly possible the content is intentionally filtered to remove php. So even if you entered the correct code, it might not ever be given the opportunity to execute.

What seems simpler and more elegant would be to create a podcast. That appears to be a feature of WebPlus X6:


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Appriciate your thought

Appriciate your thought process and thing that you are makiing it easier for users is very commendable...
Hope you complete your task soon....