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SMS from drupal site

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I had a random idea but not sure how hard it will be. Is there a module that will let you configure your site to send sms messages to peoples phones if they register them. That would let you send updates like an rss feed but it would be an email generated and sent to the sms_gateway for the various carriers. I know there are services that let you send messages from rss to a cell phone but I kinda want to control it and the messages would come from my site.

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SMS for drupal

A quick search reveals several possibilities -





I too would like to hear from anyone who has had experience in this area.

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SMS and Drupal

I've recently spent alot of time with SMS and Drupal (as of about a month ago). There's huge possibilities and most of the technology is technically in place. The problem is, it doesn't really work very well.

I was personally trying to get SMS to send OG notifications. I was using the Messaging Framework along with the SMS module, then used the cell carrier's mail gateway to send the messages. I could get the SMS to confirm a number (setting the user up to use SMS), but not send any OG messages.

The kicker is, to do SMS correctly, you have to pay for a gateway service from an outside company....this is how people do "real" SMS blasts. My client didn't want to pay for a service, so we never tested that. I have a feeling that, at the time we were testing, using a real SMS gateway like this probably worked....but it wasn't an option so I never confirmed that. (the reason for a service is that the cell company's mail gateway isn't really intended for blast messaging like this)

It's been a little bit and I think there's been a release since then that I haven't tested. This should be working fairly soon if not already. It's going to be a fantastic addition to all Drupal sites I build from then on out.

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A different Approach

Actually oddly enough I have a device that will do it on my desk. I have a cellular modem that could be sent commands to send messages through IP and then send them but it would need a contract and unlimited text messaging. Not a good solution but a different one :)

is it working? any one with success?

I am looking out for this feature for a long and would like to know if this is work and any one had success. What is the best sms open source gateway to check out? Spent lot of time working sms but still having a tug of war. Let us know your success story on this if any?