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Using Views2 to Create a Nice Looking Sermon Podcast Page

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Over the past year, I have taught myself some of the basics of Drupal and moved out church website over to it. One of my most recent projects was to move our Sermon Podcast archive over to Drupal (seen here: http://church.stpeterlcms.com/sermons_online). I am using CCK and created a Podcast content type and Views2. The list, while nice, looks very bland. I'd like to jazz it up a bit. Each podcast node has an image attached to it that goes along with the sermon topic. While looking around the net... and Mustard Seed Media, i cam across this website which is very similar to how I want our page to look like.

Any advice? Remember, I'm not really too much into coding. So, I'd like to avoid as much of that as possible.

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You can use either

You can use either Contemplate or make your own page template.

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A quick analysis


Your view is using a list output of specified fields. The view you referenced as an example is using a node (probably a teaser) list. That's a significant reason why the displays are quite different.

You are probably going to have to write some code to get your display looking just like you want. Ultimately it's best to use a custom tpl.php file(s), but Contemplate is useful for prototyping. You are also going to need to write some custom CSS. While that thought might be a little daunting it's really not that difficult, but it can be time consuming.

Update: I was just doing some surfing and found a very interesting video podcast over on Rob's Mustardseed Media site regarding Views Row Theming. I think you'll find it quite useful and informative.

Good luck,

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Thanks Curt. That video

Thanks Curt. That video points me in the right direction. I'm a bit of a hack coder, but I'll see what I can put together.