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Views Module, Custom Home Page, Writing Content, and Using Images

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Hey guys,
I think the body of this post is going to go in opposite order of my subject.

I'm wondering if there is any easy way to insert images into page content other than writing html tables into the pages themselves. It seems to me that Drupal should have some sort of easy-ish way to include images in my stuff.

I just launched the "Drupal" section of my website located at http://www.smoothstoneservices.com/resources/
I am going to use this section to mainly write articles on technology related subjects, as well as to write website and business news / updates for my clients and other interested parties.

The home page of this section looks pretty bland right now. Given, I haven't done any themming yet, other than change a few colors around in Garland. However, there's GOT to be a way include images. Is the Image Module my best option for this? http://drupal.org/project/image

Right now, I am using Blog Module to write my articles, etc... If I want these "articles" to remain on the website and be treated as they are - articles - should I switch to writing Stories?

Ok, my 3rd question.
How can I create a customized home page? What I mean is, include the content & pictures, in the same sort of layout that I have on my real home page (http://www.smoothstoneservices.com)? I guess I could just dump all of that code into the Mission of my website, but that seems a bit of a bizarre way to do things. I read on one website that I could use Front Module or Views Module. Should I go with one of these or something different?

What are your thoughts on the Views Module?

Edit: Oh, and PS - As I have been working with Drupal over the past couple of weeks, I have begun to see its potential. The main reason I started playing with it in the first place, as some of you know, is that I'll be working with it for the next year during an internship. As I continue to work with it on my one website, before starting work at the internship, and as I build my skills during that job, I may consider applying Drupal to my entire website. I'm not much of a graphic designer though. Thoughts?

Oh - PPS: If I decide to apply Drupal to the entire website, I'm thinking that are are going to be some major changes that will take place perhaps in the next year or so. I am currently writing a business plan and brainstorming the possibility of launching an IT Consulting and Technical Support & Web Hosting Solutions firm specifically for churches, non-profits, and community development organizations across the world. I've given this a lot of thought, and with a B.A. in Community Development, I would really like to integrate both my community development and technology skills to help the world's poor across the globe.

As a result, if that change does take place, I would want to add a Taxonomy for articles on technology in the community development industry.

Before I even do this, however, I feel that even if I continue to provide the services I do now, I need to rebrand myself - get a new name, new logo, etc... and perhaps even hire a graphic designer to help me with the front end of my website. I will want to keep all of the same content though, and keep the Drupal database of all the articles I write between now and then.

Thoughts on any or all of this?

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Thanks for your help as I continue to learn,

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re: Using Images

For inserting images directly into the content, can you use the HTML "img" tag, as suggested in a previous G&G episode?

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That's One Way

Thanks for the response!

That's one way to do it. I guess I figured that there would be a module to do this for me. I've been reading up on some stuff, and went ahead and installed the Image and ImageAssist Modules, and have realized that uploading images to the files directory and then putting in the html img tag is just about as simple.

As for modifying the home page, I read in a post by Micah about doing just this.

This seems like a good way to do this. I just haven't gotten that much into the code yet as I am still figuring my way around Drupal.

As of now, here's the modules I have enabled. It's surprising that I've installed so many, so fast just for the goal of what I want to do!

  1. CCK (Content & Text. - I THINK I've figured out the gist of CCK, and I've at least figured out what the Content component does)
  2. Core (Blog, Color, Comment, Database Logging, Help, Menu, Path, PHP Filter, Poll, Profile, Search, Statistics, Taxonomy, Tracker, Trigger, Update Status, Upload. - I guess since I have the only account, I don't really need or can even use the Profile module)
  3. Image (Image, Image Assist)
  4. Service Links

That's a total of 22 Modules selected. Wow.

Any other thoughts on what I'm trying to do with images, or maybe even getting images onto the home page, and any thoughts on the other stuff?

- David

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Image Attach...

If you are looking to add just a single image to your page, then I would suggest starting with image attach module, which is part of the Image Module. You just go and enable it. Then you can add some css to your theme to make the image float left or right in the body content.

If you want multiple images inline (in the body of your article) than you can use image assist, or the asset module, or a WYSIWYG editor like TinyMCE or FCEditor combined with the IMCE Module.

But yes, it's just as easy for an administrator with an FTP account to upload the images to the files directory and link with them. However, if you are setting up a site for non-developers to use, then one of these solutions would be proper.

And the views module is an almost absolute necessity for every website I've done. If you want lists of content in the sidebar - the Views module. Custom image galleries? Views Module. Latest posts of a particular taxonomy? Views Module. Latest forum posts in a particular forum? Views Module. Customized user lists? Views module. Blocks of "featured" content that rotate through? Views Module.

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