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Table Project

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Today is the first I've seen this, and I am blown away by The Table Project. Has anyone else seen this? I'm literally getting light-headed over this. It appears to have all the functionality most churches would need without the technical requirements of Drupal et al with a cleaner interface and more user-friendly to boot. And if you use Fellowship One, it integrates!

And it's free.


So what's the catch? And why have I never heard of this?!

Joined: 09/09/2008
I don't think that there is a catch

I first heard about The Table Project a month or so ago. I agree, it looks really good. In fact, I've been thinking about an implementation of Commons (nee Acquia Commons) for our church but I think that the Table Project might be a lot simpler, although I'd have to give up some over some details.


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not sure

i think my apprehension is how long this will last? will it be what it claims or will it come and go due to the horrible massiveness of facebook (of which i don't belong)?

anyone actually use this yet? any quick feedback on feature set vs other social media options? will facebookies be willing to use this?

Joined: 11/28/2008
I just watched a few video's,

I just watched a few video's, very well presented and nice website design. It's layout is user-friendly and very similar to how I would approach it. They seem to of done their home work on this.

I think it will "last" but it seems too closed for me. It would be sweet if it was opensource, but they have so much more control with managed "tables" which I can understand.

I hope these guys do really well, I may even join them one day :) -- That's if I ever give Joomla up.