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Open Source ChMS

Joined: 02/27/2007

A few months back, we looked into updating our ancient Church Management Software, but all the packages were way beyond what we wanted to spend. I just recently stumbled across some Open Source ChMS solutions, and I was wondering whether anyone has seen a comparison of BVCMS, ChurchInfo, and Open Source Church? (I notice OSC hasn't been updated since 2011, and ChurchInfo since 2010, so I'm guessing they're abandonware.) Anyone know of others still in active development? Anyone used BVCMS?

Joined: 02/27/2007
Addendum: BVCMS can't be

Addendum: BVCMS can't be downloaded and installed on your own server unless you want to grab all the files and figure it out without documentation or support. You basically have to use their hosting, which is almost as expensive as Fellowship One in the long run.

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Open Source ChMSes

ChurchInfo was actually updated in 12/2012 and is worth a look.

In addition, Jethro (http://jethro-pmm.sourceforge.net/) is also worth a look. It has strong attendance tracking and action plan features. (See one church's experience here: http://www.communicatejesus.com/2010/04/six-reason...)

Civicrm is also an option. Here are two resources related to using it in the church context:

Finally, if you are German-speaking, http://www.churchtools.de might also be worth a look.