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Organic Groups

Joined: 12/16/2007

I would love an indepth tutorial on using Organic Groups for a Church website which goes beyond the basics.
Some things i'd really love to know are:
*How to theme it well: separate node types nto different sections
*How to add things such as email notifications

(in drupal 5)

Paul Vaartjes

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Use Case

Are you looking for just the technical parts or use cases for specific scenarios?

Matt Farina
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Mainly technical I think.
I'm trying to set OG up as a major part of my Church's website - but want to make sure it's easy to use, simple, and looking good/consistent

Paul Vaartjes

Joined: 12/16/2007
OG Blueprints

I really want to be able to set up panels on the group pages, and have been looking at the OG Blueprints module, however cannot make it work for all my groups.
If anyone has had expereicnce in this, or another waty of themeing groups pages, some help, or steps to do this would be great!

Paul Vaartjes

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yeh, i 2nd sejtraav's request

yeh, i 2nd sejtraav's request for some more involved OG tutorials, though i'd like a non-technical overview first, if its possible

eg: if you outlined 5-6 reasonably complex ways Organic groups are used, which between them covered most of the associated modules & the common use-cases, that would really help

(that approach always works best for me)

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Drupal Commons

The folks at Acquia just released Drupal Commons, a distribution/profile that gives you an immediate Organic Groups setup. While it isn't a tutorial, I'm finding it to be a way to get immersed in the world of OG very quickly and relatively painlessly.

If you're still wondering about OG this is definitely something to take a look at. The download is free and you can run it on a local stack if you wish. I had just started building a site for a local PC users' group when I saw Acquia's podcast and decided immediately that I was going to use Commons.

Hope this helps someone,

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Could you guys tell me how to

Could you guys tell me how to add things like email notifications in Drupal 7? I just switched from Drupal 6 and have a hard time figuring out how it works

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Yvette48, check out the http://drupal.org/project/notifications module, taking note of "Other modules using this framework."