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Removal of MSM videos/Dries' letter/copyright violation

Joined: 06/03/2008

Anybody have any info on what is up with Dries' letter to MSM? I have read the copyright policy and do not understand how MSM could be in violation of it? I am trying to write Dries a letter but want to be more informed.

Joined: 06/03/2008

I guess the answer to my question is in RF's tweets. I am still getting used to how twitter works.

Joined: 09/11/2008

Yeah, I'm still trying to get the hang of Twitter.

From what I read, MSM does not in appear to be in violation of anything. And that it's ok to have podcasts and educational videos/sites about Drupal. I'm guessing it was the fact that there was a copyright policy with Drupal. I guess things do get interesting when an open source project/product hits the "big time" and turns into a HUGE thing. I don't know what to think about something that is open source, having a copyright. Maybe the copyright is there to protect Drupal from "big corporations"..........and for people who might sell Drupal t-shirts ONLY for some quick cash.

And maybe I should just read up on it all before posting! ha ha. But it's been a while since I posted anything.

Either way, I love MSM and I love Drupal.. Well, sometimes it's a love/hate relationship with Drupal!