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Submit Podcast to iTunes without Credit Card information

Joined: 01/26/2009

I went to sign up a ministry podcast through iTunes and I came into a bit of a problem, they wanted credit card information.

To submit a podcast to iTunes you have to sign up for an account. In the process of signing up for an account you have to give them credit card information and you may not be in position to do that, or it might be a group account and you don't want others to have the purchasing power with a credit card.

Here is what you do. Get a iTunes gift card or redemption code from somewhere. You might have to buy a $15 iTunes gift card at Wal-mart or somebody you know has an extra code laying around. Whatever the circumstance you only need one code for at least one song.

Open up iTunes and go to the iTunes store. On the right hand side there is a link called Redeem. Select Redeem and put in your code. You will then be asked for a login, since you don't have one yet create a new account. Fill out the information on the first page. On the second page you now have a "none" option for payment types. Select that and fill out the rest of the information. After you create the account you can now submit your podcast credit card free!

*There are some other methods for accomplishing the same task. For example you can select a free iPhone app to download and you get the same options. I couldn't get that way to work, but it might work for some people.

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