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Twitter help with drupal

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This was originally posted on mustardseedmedia.com but haven't got a response so I thought I check to see if anyone could help me out here in this forum.

Wow your tutorials are so helpful to a newbie trying to learn everything to go from psd to html to drupal. Here is my situation. I'm trying to create a blog portal for all of the pastors at my church. They currently have their own personal blogs and I want to combine them all in one place which I'm doing at (http://www.trailheadchurch.cc/connect/). I've got the blog part of it to work now the only thing I want to do is add a combined twitter update with everyone on staff like this website (http://www.stevenfurtick.com/). I don't think that they used the twitter module for this but didn't know if it was possible to do it with drupal instead of aggregating it. I made a feed through feedburner (http://feeds2.feedburner.com/trailheadblog) but can't get the aggregator to work.

The twitter status' only show up on the my account. Anyone have suggestions?

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If this is a drupal 6 site and you are using the twitter module you can use Views on the twitter statuses to create a page and/or a feed.

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