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Linux file server for a novice

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So I've tried to get out of doing my own computer repairs/upgrades/etc., but the computer repair guy I've used isn't all that reliable. He's really good, mind you, but he doesn't show up when he's needed and he doesn't call either. So, I'd love to have him come over and set up a Linux file server on an old computer so that all of the files we share between our four computers (PowerPoint song files, e.g.) would be easily available to all of us. I'm thinking now that I might have to do this myself. Am I crazy? Is this going to be a lot harder than I think? Do you have recommendations for where to send me for more information? Which distro of Linux should I use?

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Where I'd start

I really don't have a lot of experience with Linux and I'm sure there are others with different, and probably better, ideas.

I'd look at a server edition of Ubuntu. There are two to consider. The "latest and greatest" is Ubuntu 9.04 which will be supported for about a year. The latest LTS (Long Term Support) version is 8.04 which will be supported until 4/2013. Either of these version should meet your needs nicely. You can find more information at ubuntu.com.

Also, place your shared files on a separate, dedicated drive or drives to make backup and system upgrading easier.

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Multiple Choices

If you really want to go for something easy you might consider something like a drobo with the network appliance. It will cost you but be dead simple to manage.

A linux file server is a little more. You'll need to setup Linux and then Samba. You'll also need to setup and manage some accounts. I won't bore you with all the details but will say that there are a million tutorials on how to do it already out there. They are much better than I could write here.

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How much security are you

How much security are you looking for? If all you want is a central repository I would install ubuntu desktop version (because it has a graphic user interface) and then just right click on the folder and share it! You can also check out clarkconnect.

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If you want simple, ability

If you want simple, ability to use Windows, and the wonderful world of a Linux server, which will also give you a ftp server, try installing Xaamp. It has the Filezilla server installation with the distro. It works pretty good, too. I don't have a lot of time to work on the IT stuff for our business, so we contract it out. Our IT guy has no clue as to what he's doing on a Linux box, but he does know his Windows. If I threw a linux box on our network, he'd have a coniption (is coniption really a word?). I run Xammp on a Windows XP box, have it set as a webserver complete with ftp, and have it secured off to only allow the local network access. I have what I want, and my IT guy doesn't panick.

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Opt for Ubuntu,has very user

Opt for Ubuntu,has very user friendly installation.The desktop is designed to accommodate first timers.It comes with an extensive set of open source software to cover the needs of beginners.

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Linux file server for a novice

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