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Audio/Video Recording Sound Problems

Joined: 02/26/2013


Here is our issue. We have a church that is growing into new technology ever so slowly. We have been using Audacity for quite some time for our audio recording and just recently started live streaming our services via ustream. Here is the problem that we are running into, we have a problem with a slight squeal within our audio recordings. I have tested this and notice that it happens even there is nothing coming through the sound system...ex: using the headphones connected to the video camera. I thought at first this might be the camera so I did some further checking. We have a Sound Blaster Extigy external sound card that we use to filter the sound from our sound board to the computer. So I first unplugged the input going from that to the camera since the sound blaster has more than one output. I tested the sound from the Sound Blaster and it I still heard the slight squealing noise, so figured it wasn't the camera. Then I traced it back to the sound board, unplugged the cord running from the sound board to the Sound Blaster and tested the Sound Blaster next, the squeal is gone, figured then it is something within the sound board. We have not changed how anything is hooked up in the sound board but just the cord that we are using to connect the sound board to the Sound Blaster. I was told to make sure that everything is grounded, which I did, and that has not seemed to help at all. I don't notice the sound a lot while the preaching is taking place just when the sound is soft or dead silence. Do you have any suggestions on what could be causing this and what to do to fix the issue?

Any help would be appreciated, we have tried almost everything.