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Color on stage

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Ok so I know this is vague and there are a lot of circumstantial differences. But what colors do you guys use on stage with the worship team? What do you find has the most impact and pleasing to the eye?

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re: Color on stage


I think it varies depending on your room. We have LEDs and some Martin MAC-550's. Our walls have a slightly greenish tint to them, so some colors just plain don't work. For example, yellow and amber gels in the movers look like baby poop, but orange makes a good yellow. Red doesn't show up at all if our room is brightly lit.

For us, blues and purples work best, but yellows and oranges work well, as does a purple and gold mix.

See also: http://twitpic.com/17tec2 http://twitpic.com/16h13r

That first pic was a guest band. On most Sundays, the vocal team and choir match the color combination for lighting. They usually specify two colors for everyone to wear and we do our best to match it. We really don't like Reds and Grays day. Brown isn't easy to match, either. The screen backgrounds generally follow our lighting colors.

We almost always switch to blue for preaching, as it looks best on camera, though we tend towards red around Christmas.