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switcher hardware & software

Joined: 02/07/2009

Hey Everyone,

We had an old XP machine running our video switch program and it literally blew up this morning with a flash of light and a bad burning smell. I would really like to completely replace the system. My problem is that everything in our booth has been gradually going Mac. I want to get a Mac mini for the switch but don't know where to get the appropriate software for a decent switching program since ours is windows based and I want Mac based. Our current program runs a touch screen with controls for 3 projectors that include 3 cameras, DVD (which I am gradually phasing out) and 3 VGA inputs. The touch screen also controls the DVD player. Does anyone know of a program that can do that or am I going to have to pay to have someone custom design the program? Thanks for any help or hints you can give me.